Heritage Personal Injury Group Inc Personal Injury Case Manager Atlanta, GA · Full time

The Case Manager plays a pivotal role in ensuring exceptional customer service and facilitating the progression of client cases towards settlement. This position involves a diverse range of responsibilities, all aimed at efficiently managing cases through pre-litigation stages and optimizing client outcomes.



1. Manage all aspects of cases from initiation to pre-litigation stages, ensuring smooth progression and compliance with protocols.

2. Conduct intake analysis and gather necessary documentation to establish a comprehensive understanding of each case.

3. Verify insurance coverage details and maintain regular communication with insurance companies to facilitate claims processing.

4. Monitor and oversee the medical care of clients to ensure optimal treatment outcomes and prevent overutilization of services.

5. Review settlement demand packages for accuracy and completeness in documentation.

6. Interpret medical records and reports to extract relevant information for case progression.

7. Negotiate medical insurance liens to minimize financial burdens on clients and maximize settlement amounts.

8. Collaborate with attorneys to negotiate client settlements within legal parameters.

9. Organize and maintain electronic case files using a robust case management system for efficient tracking and accessibility of information.

10. Provide clear and comprehensive communication with clients, guiding them through the personal injury process.

11. Manage client treatment processes to align with case objectives and avoid unnecessary treatments.

12. Maintain regular communication with claim adjusters, providing detailed documentation and case information for claims processing.

13. Generate comprehensive settlement breakdowns to reduce client bills and maximize settlement amounts.

14. Evaluate and make decisions on client loan approvals or denials, ensuring alignment with case requirements.

15. Collaborate with senior management to assess cases for potential litigation and coordinate necessary actions for case escalation.


· Bachelor's degree in a related field (preferred).

· Prior experience in case management or a related field.

· Strong understanding of legal and insurance processes.

· Excellent organizational and communication skills.

· Proficiency in electronic case management systems and Microsoft Office Suite.

· Ability to thrive in a fast-paced, deadline-driven environment.

· Attention to detail and effective multitasking skills.

Note: This job description outlines primary responsibilities and qualifications but is not exhaustive. Additional duties may be assigned as deemed necessary.