HealthSource Solutions Part Time Fitness Specialist (16 hours/week) Washington, DC · Part time Company website

This position does not start until July 1, 2024. Under the direction of the Health Fitness or client Manager, assist with day-to-day operations of the facility including covering site hours, onboarding new members, conducting fitness center orientations, leading group fitness classes, regularly cleaning fitness equipment, providing general exercise guidance, and implementing member programing (i.e., team or individual fitness and wellness challenges).


Job Specific Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Assist with on-site and/or virtual programming, as applicable.
  • Where applicable, assist with preparing fitness-related materials including newsletters, communications, handouts and bulletin boards.
  • Assist with reports and tracking requirements, as assigned.
  • Report all equipment issues promptly to Manager.
  • Report all facility/maintenance issues promptly and inform Manager.
  • Where applicable, assist with orders for equipment, supplies, cleaning product, and other approved items.
  • Where applicable, develop exercise programs to improve participant strength, flexibility, endurance, or circulatory functioning, in accordance with the most recent exercise science standards.
  • Distribute general first aid supplies based on resources available (e.g., Band-Aids, gauze, cold packs).
  • In the event of a medical emergency, activate Emergency Medical Services (EMS). Perform CPR and/or use AED as warranted.
  • Submit safety event forms within 24 hours of an unusual incident. Immediately notify Manager of serious incidents.
  • Demonstrate correct use of exercise equipment or performance of exercise routines.
  • Recommend methods to increase physical activity.
  • Where applicable, interpret exercise program participant data to evaluate progress or identify needed program changes.
  • Where applicable, prescribe individualized exercise programs, specifying equipment, such as treadmill, exercise bicycle, ergometers, or other strength and conditioning equipment.
  • Provide general oversight of exercise for participants at all risk levels.
  • Where applicable, explain exercise program or physiological testing procedures to participants.
  • Report all privacy and security breaches immediately according to policy.
  • Support directives in the agency agreement, as assigned by the Manager.

Administrative (Business/Management)

Staffing and Reporting Relationships

  • Arrive on time to work and work all designated hours.
  • Request leave in a timely manner.
  • Adhere to telework policy when permitted.
  • Create a climate of trust, accountability, and professionalism. Report to Manager any concerns regarding productivity/morale.
  • Identify and report to Manager problems with hardware, telecommunications or other issues impacting duties.


  • Utilize IT systems for database tracking and other deliverables.
  • Complete mandatory IT training by specified deadlines.
  • Inform Manager of IT and other equipment needs, particularly those that prevent completing projects within specified deadlines.


Customer Service

  • Respond professionally to customer complaints, issues, and requests regarding client services within 24 hours. Escalate issues as appropriate to the Manager. Follow outstanding issues to resolution in a timely manner.

Minimum Requirements/Knowledge/Skills:

  • Must be highly organized.
  • Must possess excellent oral, written, and interpersonal communication skills.
  • Will appropriately escalate problems or resource issues for resolution.
  • Will maintain effective measures for communicating with staff.
  • Able to perform basic functions in MS Excel, Word, and PowerPoint.
  • Must be capable to perform the physical requirements of the duties of the position (e.g., ability to perform CPR, respond immediately to an emergency, properly demonstrate use of fitness equipment, instruct group fitness classes, lift up to 50 pounds, kneel, bend and twist (some bending or twisting may occur when lifting, moving or wheeling fitness equipment), etc.) without accommodation as well as free from any communicable disease.

Minimum Education Requirements/Certification/Licensure/Experience:

  • Bachelor’s degree preferred or minimum of 1 years’ experience in exercise physiology, corporate fitness, wellness, health promotion and/or healthcare-related field.
  • Current certification in group fitness or personal training through nationally accredited organization.
  • Current CPR/AED certification.
  • When teaching fitness classes, must hold general or specialty national certifications as appropriate.


$24 - $28 per hour