Halk Marine Fabrication & Design LLC Aluminum TIG Welder and Fabricator Covington, LA · Full time

Seeking expert aluminum TIG welder and fabricator to build boat tanks, custom boat pipework, and other marine products.


Primary Job Duties

  • Perform fit-up and welding of aluminum boat fuel tanks, custom marine pipework (rod-holders, T-tops, casting platforms), boat hatches, and other products we manufacture and sell.
  • Custom boat modifications and aluminum hull repair work.

Secondary Job Duties

  • Small part fabrication and secondary operations
  • Assist with other work areas (CNC machine loading/unloading, CNC press brake operations, sanding and finishing, shipping and material handling).
  • Work area cleanup and routine maintenance on shop equipment.
  • Preparation of completed products for shipping.

Skills & Experience Required:

  • Highly skilled in aluminum TIG welding. Perfectly sound and aesthetically pleasing welds are a requirement for our products.
  • Strong understanding of aluminum metallurgy, filler metal selection, weld preparation and joint designs, and welding quality control.
  • Experience with anodized aluminum pipe is preferred.
  • Advanced aluminum fabrication skills with experience in pipe bending/rolling, saw operation, fitting and layout of welded assemblies, proper pre-weld cleaning and preparation.
  • Must be able to read and understand construction drawings, perform basic fabrication math and trigonometry, decimal to fraction conversions, imperial to metric unit conversions, etc.


$25 - $40 per hour