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Grow Behavior Services providers work directly with young neurodivergent children in their homes, communities and schools on Bainbridge Island, WA and throughout North Kitsap County. Behavior Technicians (BTs) use authentic, playful and connection-rooted techniques that equip learners of all abilities with the tools they need to feel success with regulation and communication, and pursue directions of value to them and their families. BTs collaborate with Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) who provide extensive hands-on training and mentorship in the use of naturalistic, compassionate and assent-centered Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) strategies designed to systematically guide the development of new skills and build on learner strengths and interests.


About Grow Behavior Services

Grow Behavior Services is an independent, local and women-owned therapy services company specializing in play-based, family-partnered services for young autistic individuals, serving Bainbridge Island and North Kitsap County.

Currently hiring for an individual with experience or strong interest in working with neurodivergent young children and their families to join our small and supportive team as a Behavior Technician.

This position will primarily involve implementing play-based early intervention programming with preschool and Kindergarten aged (4-5 years old) children.

About the BT Role

The main qualifications and skills we are looking for are: ability to authentically play and have fun with kids with a diverse range of skill levels and learning styles, confidence with engaging in open and clear communication and conversations with families and colleagues, and dedication to professionalism and high quality of work. This is a great opportunity for someone with a background in child and family services (education, childcare, etc.) who is interested in building a career in ABA, speech language pathology, occupational therapy, special education, pediatric mental health, or a related field. Although prior experience in one of these areas is preferred, an ABA background is not required.

Behavior Technicians implement ABA-based instructional programs designed and supervised by a BCBA (Board Certified Behavior Analyst) in local client homes or at our office space on the island. Behavior Technicians are provided with extensive mentorship and individualized hands-on training by our dedicated team of BCBA clinical supervisors, who each have a minimum of 10 years of experience in the ABA field and maintain very small caseloads in order to prioritize high quality of programming and training.

You can find details about Grow Behavior’s approach, treatment philosophy and services on our website here.

We recommend the following panel discussion for those interested in learning more about ABA.

Interested candidates can also complete our BT info form.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Engage in playful, goal-oriented activities in home, community, school and small clinic settings in collaboration with clients and their families.
  • Create authentic connections with neurodivergent learners, the majority of whom have received a diagnosis of Autism. Clients are most often between the ages of 2-6, but BTs may also have the opportunity to work with kids as old as 10-12, depending on caseload. 
  • Implement individualized ABA-based programs and strategies with direction and support from a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA). Hands-on training is provided at least 1x/week at minimum, for an average of 20-30% of client-facing time.
  • Teach and promote practice of language/communication systems, self-regulation, play,  adaptive skills  and autonomy using naturalistic and child-directed / assent-based approaches.
  • Collect objective daily data and create progress documentation to record client’s steps toward goals using systematic behavior measurement strategies.
  • Communicate effectively and transparently with team, BCBAs and caregivers, including maintaining consistent communication regarding client progress or changes in behavior, supporting the BCBA with parent and/or caregiver training, and recruiting and accepting feedback appropriately.
  • Maintain professionalism, including in demonstrating reliability/dependability, throughout communication and collaboration with clients and colleagues, and in management of work/life boundaries and self-care practices
  • Demonstrate initiative, enthusiasm and growth mindset for supporting ongoing skill development and progress in both self and client
  • Engage in independent problem solving
  • Drive to sessions in client homes, community settings and office space


  • Dedicated training, support and professional development experience for individuals exploring career paths in related fields including: autism services, applied behavior analysis, special education, speech/language pathology, occupational therapy, pediatric mental health, early childhood development
  • Flexible scheduling, including collaborative planning of weekly sessions and part time hours that can be structured around school and/or other concurrent jobs/work
  • Weekly and on-demand coaching, training and support from seasoned BCBAs with minimum 10 years of related experience who maintain small caseloads in order to prioritize frequent (weekly at minimum) supervision and high quality mentorship for BTs
  • Supportive, collaborative, neurodiversity-embracing team that shares enthusiasm for empowering neurodivergent kids and families 
  • Opportunities for advancement, including practicum supervision and mentorship for those interested in pursuing a BCBA 
  • Hands-on facilitation with earning Certified Behavior Technician (CBT) credential/license, including mentorship, administrative support, paid licensing application/40 hour training fees (Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) credential is also available/provided for interested staff)
  • Flexibility with time off needs, including for multiple periods throughout the year as needed
  • Hourly pay range $20-$24 DOE / sick time + PTO accrual / paid travel / paid ongoing training

Minimum Qualifications

  • Completion of high school or equivalent
  • Available to provide face-to-face services between 10 and 30 hours per week, primarily on Bainbridge Island, with some cases based in North Kitsap (Poulsbo, Kingston)
  • Experience and confidence with hands-on engagement with kids between the ages of 3 and 12
  • Enthusiasm for creating authentic, playful connections with young people and their families
  • Interest in routinely collaborating with a neurodiversity-affirming provider team/community
  • Access to a car / valid driver’s license for transportation between sessions 
  • Basic technology skills / comfort with learning to navigate google-based apps and products

Preferred Qualifications

  • Background working with neurodivergent individuals and families
  • Familiarity with neurodiversity-affirming philosophies
  • Availability between 2:30pm and 6pm highly preferred
  • Interest in career development in autism services or related fields (ABA, special education, early childhood education, SLP, OT, pediatric mental health)


$20 - $24 per hour