Groovy Energy Sales Manager Remote · Full time

Responsible for all Sales Operations in a specific region.


Solar Sales Manager

Job description

Solar Sales Manager

As a Solar Sales Manager you're responsible for overseeing all sales and personnel operations for multiple solar sales teams in a designated (area/market/region/division) including but not limited to recruiting, personnel management, training, appointment setting, sales, customer service, etc. The team includes Sales Team leaders, Customer Marketing Specialist and Energy Consultants. As a Customer Marketing Specialist you're responsible for finding, engaging, and pre-qualifying potential solar customers, as well as building nationwide and community-based relationships with potential solar customers and business partners. The CMS will work in any environment necessary to establish successful relationships, whether virtual, in-person, or traveling. The Energy Consultant is responsible for generating customer projects, conducting solar and roofing consultations with customers, and guiding the customer throughout the solar process. The Team leader manages all field operations and sales and reports to the Solar Sales Manager. Compensation is based entirely on individual & team performance. Area of responsibility assigned based on experience and company need.

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Who/what we’re looking for:

  • Confident energetic leaders

  • Motivation to make over $1M/year
  • Full-time availability
  • Willing to work in various environments including neighborhoods, large events, or wherever potential customers are
  • Public speaking skills
  • Can Communicate English Clearly
  • Ability to execute clear and consistent communication with customers and team
  • Creative
  • Able to attend national paid work trips
  • Reliable transportation
  • Can pass background check
  • Has access to Computer, Headset, WIFI, Reliable US based Cellphone Service
  • Technology and social media proficient



● Starting $100k+ per Year / Leadership pay / corporate bonuses

● Paid monthly travel & Accommodations

● Paid weekly ….

● …We pay Sooner in some cases ( 48 HOURS!!!)

● Daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly prizes, contest and bonuses

● High Employee Referral/ recruiting bonuses ( Earn Residual Income!!!)

● 1099

● Stock Options/ Revenue Share

● Certification/ Tuition Reimbursement Programs

● Paid Travel/ Gas Card/ Car Stipend/ Technology stipend

Job Responsibilities

● Interact and educate the community and potential customers about the benefits of using renewable energy.

● Set appointments with potential customers to meet and discuss options with consultants.

● Obtain energy usage from customer from electric bill

● Build business, community and neighborhood relationships that produce consistent streams of customers

● Build relationships that foster higher community involvement with renewable energy resources

● Build consistent customer pipelines through consistent daily customer engagement virtually and in-person

● Build and maintain appropriate and sanctioned social media and online presence to create customer pipeline

● Be able to create and/or produce educational and promotional content to use on various mediums

● Be able to communicate daily and appropriately with team leaders and management, INCLUDING PERSONNEL MANAGEMENT, HIRING, RECRUITING ,TRAINING, HOLDING MEETINGS!

● Be able to attend all mandatory trainings and meetings held at will

● Be able to properly update and maintain a professional schedule

● Be able to properly use and maintain any company property given

● Be able to complete independent trainings and assignments

● Be able to complete all scheduled team activities and travel

● Be able to present self in various professional settings

●Meet & exceed sales goals

●Maintain multiple sales teams

●Manage, Train, Recruit no less than Team leaders to run field operations

●Be able to travel to all assigned areas

●Hold team events, trainings and meeting in assigned area


● Community focused

● Customer service centric

● Eco friendly

● Opportunity for growth and leadership

● Quick promotions based on effort not tenure

● Gear/iPad/ Company car Incentives

● Monthly team activities and outings

● Opportunity to Frequently Attend Industry events

● No experience necessary!

● Backed by national energy installers for best experience

● OTJ / Virtual training


Daily Leadership Meetings!

M-F Training (1-2 hours)

Mon- Sat Virtual work ( 2-3 hours)

Mon- Sat Hybrid Work ( 4 Hours)

10 days off Monthly after 2 months!


Supplemental Pay

  • Commission pay
  • Bonus pay
  • Other

Work location

  • Multiple locations


$100,000 - $150,000 per month