Green Cambridge Summer Youth Coordinator Cambridge, MA · Part time

Work with high school youth in local environmental and climate


Green Cambridge is a place-based interpretive science 501(c)3 non-profit centered on local ecology programs for youth, young adults and arts-based activities for school-age children. They use the urban forest, urban wilds, and urban agriculture areas as outdoor informal community classrooms. To ensure these opportunities exist and for greater climate resilience, they advocate on behalf of our shared natural systems, the benefits they provide for residents, and more equitable land use in Cambridge. The organization’s mission is to “create a more sustainable Cambridge, and to protect the environment for the health and safety of all.” Green Cambridge is managed by a team consisting of an Executive Director and other staff members, along with seasonal and part-time staff, interns, volunteers, consultants, and overseen by the Board of Directors.

Job Description

The Coordinator works to create an amazing experience for our Mayor’s Summer Youth Employment Program (MSYEP) participants during our summer ecological restoration program. The Coordinator works with high school students from Cambridge ages 14-18 in-person and creates a safe and productive work environment that focuses on place-based environmental, urban forestry, and ecological restoration experience and learning. The ecological restoration work is in partnership with experts from Parterre Ecological, who teach and facilitate hands-on work with the youth participants, the summer youth and program Coordinators are responsible for facilitating and guiding the youth participants during all activities, both in-person and remotely, however; Parterre staff will lead the ecological restoration work.

Specific Duties

The Coordinator co-runs the program with a second staff member and reports to the Executive Director. The role is four days a week, Monday-Thursday from 7:30am until 2pm, for a total of 26 hours. Each week consists of classroom-style work, urban agriculture, urban forestry, and ecological restoration in the field. In addition to working directly with youth, part of the role involves planning and curriculum development with other staff.

The Coordinator is expected to facilitate and guide our youth participants throughout work and activities, providing and assisting them with tasks and making sure all safety and work expectations are being met. The Coordinator will also be teaching and assisting participants with individual and group work/ projects as well as communicating with participants regarding work and scheduling. At the beginning of the season, the Summer Youth Coordinator will work with the staff to finalize the summer program curriculum, schedule, and topics.

Qualifications, Requirements, and Logistics

Applicants should have experience growing and working with diverse communities, skill levels, and motivations. Experience working with groups of youth/children is preferred. Applicants should have excellent written and spoken communication skills, be flexible and versatile. Above all, applicants should have a passion for creating an equitable, inclusive experience in balance with nature in an urban environment. We recognize that every applicant brings their own unique lived experience and skills not outlined in this short description, and value that incredibly. The Coordinator will check in regularly with their colleagues via telephone, email, messaging and in person meetings.

Applicants can send a cover letter and resume no later than Monday April 29, 2024 at 5pm. Earlier submissions will be prioritized. The position starts in mid-June 2024 and ends on August 15th.


$21 - $21 per hour