Glover & Partners Director of Leads & Leverage Macon, GA · Full time

The Director of Leads & Leverage Services is an operationally focused leader with high integrity and a track record of business success.


The Director of Leads & Leverage Services is an operationally focused leader with high integrity and a track record of business success. This individual is driven, they exhibit a take-charge, results-oriented approach to goals and thrives seeing others achieve. They help achieve the Market Center’s goals by supporting the dependent and interdependent market center model by offering a variety of value added services for agents to the Market Center’s value proposition.

Their primary responsibility is to increase the productivity of associates by developing leads services and leveraged systems offered by the market center through building a team both in-person and virtual and leveraging third-party resources as needed. The Director of Leads & Leverage will identify opportunities for services to associates, will consult with the leadership team on the business opportunity in engaging with such services, implementing, scaling and measuring the success and engagement of those services, and evaluating success of the services. The Director of Leads & Leverage tracks their results and is ready to celebrate successes or implement actions necessary to achieve goals. The Director of Leads & Leverage should be highly skilled in acquiring business, managing relationships, and scaling service and support quickly. They view customer service as the foundation of their action plan and understand their contribution to the larger market center’s objectives.

They naturally exhibit the WI4C2TES belief system and are authentic, servant-leaders.

What will you do?

This is the 20% of the job:

● Identify and benchmark opportunities for shared services in the Market Center, such as Marketing Services, Lead Services, Listing Management and Transaction Management.

● Develop plan to implement shared services in the Market Center and engage associates and become a profitable division of the market center

● Innovate and Implement shared services programs to meeting different production levels and specialities within the Market Center

● % (defined by MC leadership) of associates participating in Shared Services offered through the MC (as needed/offered by MC) You will also…

● Identify, hire, lead, and engage in relationships in order to ensure the efficient operation of shared services in the market center

● Maintain and manage operational function of shared services, adjusting on an as needed basis

● Define, implement, and manage how associates will engage in each shared services program

● Forecast and manage annual budgets

● Report data and metrics to market center leadership team on an ongoing basis  

● Track results, review and ensure program is profitable through establishing business plan and share results with MC Leadership team


● Goal setting, planning, and accountability-based leadership 

● Excellent at building rapport 

● People oriented with strong people skills

● Strong written and verbal communication skills

● Good organizational skills

● Learning-based attitude

● Proven track record of leading, developing, and effectively leveraging a team

● Willing to learn scripts and dialogues

● Track record of success

● 1–3 years of industry and sales experience preferred