Global Forwarding Inc Logistics & Warehouse Manager El Paso, TX · Full time

This position will be in charge of overseeing all operations in the warehouses and help us launch our freight logistics branch


  • Responsible for the execution of logistics and warehouse operations
  • Manage 3pl company and warehouse
  • Drives continuous improvement projects to design and optimize operations and improve productivity to meet and exceed business objectives; works on strategic projects.
  • Implement processes and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for international and domestic shipments, freight and parcel, including preparation of required documentation (commercial invoices, packing slips, country of origin forms, dangerous goods certifications, etc.)
  • This role will actively manage logistics operations and identify areas for performance improvements. Problems and issues faced will require reasoning of broader set of issues and variables to identify root cause within job area.
  • Problems and issues faced are vague, and require quick thinking and action. Identifying root cause(s) and implementing corrective actions focused on improving consumer experience and control Logistics spend.
  • Audit and report inventory while making recommendations on which items to order and restock
  • This person will have a demonstrated history of implementing standard operating procedures.
  • Sets clear goals and expectations for the operation and staff. Measures performance, provides feedback, and holds leaders accountable.
  • Manage warehouse associates, monitoring work and ensuring the safe use of warehouse equipment
  • Establish warehouse practices and protocols to achieve an efficient warehouse
  • Set warehouse and team goals in collaboration with executive management and other team leads
  • Monitor workplace performance and lead training initiatives to improve employees
  • Keep up to date on the latest federal and state safety regulations
  • Communicate with other departments to ensure products are shipped in a timely manner
  • Select carriers for transportation and negotiate rates and contracts with carriers.
  • Manage major Logistics focused Continual Improvement and Cost Reduction Projects as assigned
  • Create logistics strategy and lead the implementation
  • Implementation of TMS regionally, including all modes of transportation
  • Analyze distribution network for efficiency opportunities
  • Manage overall operational targets of On Time to First Promise (OTFP)
  • Support sales staff with optimal logistics quotes for rail, barge, truck, warehousing.
  • Arrange pick-up and delivery according to customer needs

Common Essentials/Duties and Responsibilities

  • Generate and provide key insight into Daily, Weekly and Monthly KPI and Forecasting reports.
  • Monitor 3PL workflow and labor resources with 3PL management using forecasts to ensure productivity meets forecast.
  • Lead, direct and coordinate applicable activities to provide effective logistics services and achieve deliveries within the KPI target.
  • Interact with management within the organization and with external contacts, serving as a subject matter expert.
  • Identify and stabilize processes to reduce lead-time and cost per unit.
  • Manage overall budget and be responsible for reducing costs YoY through process optimization
  • Define processes that are consistent and scalable across all vendors and locations.
  • Support business units on urgent shipments and new-launch models by closely monitoring each event milestone.
  • Plan for and manage change, at an organizational, program and project delivery level.
  • Responsible for solving complex technical problems and able to respond to complex requests.
  • Ensure all locations are in full compliance with all Federal, State and local regulatory safety, labor, worker's compensation and health.
  • Complete all other assigned duties.


  • Degree in Supply Chain Management
  • Min. 5 years experience working in warehouse and logistics
  • Great leadership Skills
  • Fluent in English and Spanish.
  • Effective communication skills
  • Great interpersonal skills
  • Good project management skills, including strong decision-making, problem-solving and strategic planning abilities
  • Exceptional time management and organization skills
  • Exceptional time management and organization skills
  • Familiarity with bookkeeping, inventory control practices and logistics
  • Comfortable using inventory management software and other organizational computer applications
  • Experience handling profit and loss


$55,000 - $65,000 per year