Flash Dog Training Dog Trainer Redmond, OR · Full time

Board and Train Dog Trainer


We are looking for a talented, seasoned canine professional to join our team in Oregon! As a FDT Trainer you will:

1) Have more time for yourself and your own dogs as you only work a 40-45 hr work week

2) Don't have to worry about dealing with difficult clients as I will intervene and handle any disgruntlement

3) Be able to leave the stress of work AT WORK

4) Work along side a team of motivated canine professionals who are always bouncing ideas off on one another, continuing their education and sitting down for weekly trainer meetings

5) Not worry where your next client is coming from

6) You will have assistant trainers helping you put the foundation on all of your dogs so you are not doing every single rep yourself nor cleaning every mess yourself

I have been around the block in this industry for the past 14 years and I know what pains trainers who are trying to do this on their own. I've been there through the growth of my own company and others I've worked for. While there may be some glory in running your own small dog training business, it sucks the life out of you and creates burnout incredibly quickly.

I have found that working with a team has been what has kept me going and continues to inspire me in this line of work. We've got an outstanding team here at Flash!

Flash Dog Training is looking for a seasoned canine professional who has a minimum of 6 years experience training dogs and working with clients using every tool from clickers to e collars. (Your earlier kennel tech experience is not included in this time frame).

-You must be e collar savvy.

-You will take 6-8 board and trains a month and maybe a lesson package here and there.

-You will only have to work maybe one or two kennel shift a week as an opener or closer, and only more temporarily if someone is out sick. This means 2 hours of your shift is devoted to helping run the dogs and clean.

-You will send your own contracts and make your own schedule for lessons, work your dogs at the facility, post updates social media, take board and trains on field trips, conduct all drop-off, halfway, go-home and follow-up lessons.

Trainers paid on the top end of our pay scale will be expected to help train kennel techs and other trainers as needed and help manage the business for the owners any time they are away.

Our kennel staff are mostly all aspiring trainers and they will be helping you all the way from getting shy dogs to open up, bathing and brushing your dogs during their stay to conditioning the e collar. Its very nice to come back from your weekend and see how much your dogs have learned!

I have aspired to make Flash the company "I could never find" to work for when I was working for others in so many ways. We are always improving our systems, but we try our hardest to make our employees heard, appreciated and rewarded for their commitment. You will work hard while on the clock, but have the work/life balance your desire to enjoy all Central Oregon has to offer.

We offer 2 weeks PTO from date of hire, 40 hrs Sick Time per year, and Full Benefits including health, dental and vision and employee discounts on training products, end of year bonuses, free boarding for your dogs and unlimited growth potential within the company.

I look forward to connecting!

Job Type: Full-time

Pay: $30.00 - $40.00 per hour


$30 - $40 per hour