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At Finish Point, our Finish Carpenters are the backbone of each of our teams. They help carry the technical burden of every project, and push jobs through to completion. In order to qualify for this position a carpenter must have: a complete tool kit, a vehicle capable of hauling their tools, a thorough understanding of finish work, and a willingness to share their knowledge with those around them.



  • Perform technical work daily
  • Support the project with finish knowledge and expertise
  • Assist with teaching apprentices new skills
  • Maintain personal professionalism on the jobsite

Mandatory Skills:

  • Technical proficiency – affects ability to problem solve and execute work
  • Communication – affects customers, contractors, team members and leadership
  • Collaboration – affects co-workers and job enjoyment
  • Safety proficiency – affects the well being of our team and our long term productivity
  • Humility – affects growth potential, learning
  • Ability to discern when you need to ask for help
  • Positive Attitude

Helpful Skills:

  • Technical mastery
  • Healthy Ego
  • Organization

*We will not contact any references until we have your verbal or written permission.


$22 - $29 per hour