Expressway Cinema Rentals The Expressway Cinema Rentals Internship (FALL TERM) Rochester, NY · Philadelphia, PA · Part time

This internship is designed to impart and instill these core values and hands-on skills to a select group of emerging creative professionals in each technical department. Expressway's encompassing hands-on training program is an experience that will simultaneously prepare our interns for and introduce them to exciting professional opportunities in our local creative community.


The Expressway Internship is an immersive experience at one of the industry's most progressive high-end equipment rental houses. There are spots available in each of our Camera, Lighting and Studio departments at each of our locations in Philly, Rochester and Buffalo. As a central hub for the creative production industries, Expressway provides students with a unique combination of hands-on technical training and direct connections to the local Crew and Creative communities. The interns will move through various processes and roles within our operations, learn and operate advanced industry-standard technology, and make lasting connections with industry professionals. The progress of each individual intern will be monitored and evaluated by their supervisor, crafted to maximize their progress and catered to their strengths. In some cases there may be opportunities for on-set experience through our staffing services if an intern is deemed to be qualified by their supervisor.


Basic proficiency with lighting and grip, or camera equipment offered at the college, a self-starter attitude, and strong customer support tendencies are recommended for this position.

Internship Location

Opportunities for the Expressway Internship are revolving in every semester at each of our locations. You can find out more about the opportunities closest to you on our website:

Schedule and Hours

Expressway is flexible to students’ schedule and availability. Operational hours are 9AM-6PM at Expressway and the total number of hours required and scheduling will be based on the college’s program requirements to receive credit.

  • Internship is unpaid.
  • Must be able to receive college course credits.
  • Please specify in your application whether you are looking to intern at our Buffalo Branch, Rochester Branch, or Either.