Expressway Cinema Rentals G&E Lead Rental Technician Philadelphia, PA · Full time

Expressway is looking for a proactive, self-starting, team leader in our Grip and Electric department, with a desire to learn, collaborate and contribute to an established, but quickly growing film industry rental company.


 The G&E Lead Rental Technician is in charge of overseeing and ensuring quality control and execution of warehouse processes, inventory organization, equipment maintenance and order preparation to ensure the highest level of customer experience. This position is responsible for coordinating with Agents, Managers and Owners to keep us on track with general warehouse operation, systems and scheduling, and assuring all G&E Rental Technicians remain focused and on track to fulfill their duties. 


Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Lead representative of our G&E Techs when interacting with customers in the warehouse.  Customer service is a necessary skill.
  • Customer hospitality, advocacy and consultation are hallmarks of this Lead Tech position.
  • Expertise in Expressway's rental operations, inventory systems and software.
  • Assist with training, orienting and directing new hires, day-players and staff brought on to help support.
  • Warehouse floor operations supervision.
  • Coordinating with Expressway's Management team to execute and lead our staff of G&E Techs in the following responsibilities.
  • Maintenance, organization, and cleanliness of Expressway’s warehouse, parking lot, vehicles, and rental facilities. All equipment must be maintained, both functionally and aesthetically, and must be organized and easily accessible.
  • Checking in returning orders and inspecting equipment thoroughly.
  • Preparing and executing orders with extreme care and attention to ensure all orders are filled completely and accurately.
  • Entering new equipment into the rental system, barcoding, and ensuring our inventory is up to date and accurate.
  • Advancing equipment and technology knowledge, ongoing training and refreshing knowledge among the staff of Techs.
  • Help maintain quality control, and condition of Expressway’s equipment inventory; repairs, upkeep, and maintenance.
  • RMA, shipping and receiving between Expressway offices, customers, vendors, and sub-rentals.
  • Trucks and Driving: Drive and understand the functionality of all of Expressway’s non-CDL vehicles, and may be asked to help perform basic maintenance on Expressway’s vehicles at times.
  • Help organize deliveries and runs.



  • Knowledge and proficiency with professional lighting, grip, and other production equipment required
  • Strong and fast learner with a desire to grow professionally
  • Proactive Self Starter with attention to detail
  • Ability to stand for 8 Hour Periods
  • Ability to lift more than 25lbs
  • Excellent Communication Skill Required
  • Strong Customer Service Skills Required
  • Strong Leadership, Collaboration & Team Skills
  • Ability to delegate tasks
  • Organizational and Multitasking Skills Required
  • Production Set Experience is a Plus (Especially in regards to Grip & Electric)
  • Experience in Flex Rental Solutions is a Plus
  • Rental House Experience is a Plus