Expatiate Communications SLP School Provider Pasadena, CA · Full time

Expatiate Communications is a boutique Special Education management firm with unparalleled expertise in special education. We provide innovative solutions for the most challenging and complex special education issues facing school districts, ESAs/COEs, and State educational agencies, providing staff and technology solutions.


SLP School Provider: The Speech Pathologist will evaluate, diagnose, and treat students with speech or language disorders, develop individualized treatment programs, maintain accurate records, and communicate progress to faculty and parents.


• Assess the needs of students with speech or language disorders and create tailored treatment plans.

• Meet with students regularly to evaluate progress and update treatment programs as needed.

• Collaborate with faculty to discuss students' performance and social interactions.

• Develop individualized speech and language programs based on assessment results.

• Participate in the IEP process for students with communication disorders.

• Communicate progress to parents and provide guidance on activities to support therapy at home.

• Conduct regular evaluations to track progress and adjust treatment plans as necessary.

• Travel to multiple school sites within Los Angeles County may be required.

• Maintain accurate records of student progress.

• Other duties as assigned.


• Strong communication skills.

• Analytical mindset and problem-solving abilities.

• Organizational skills and attention to detail.

• Time management skills and ability to meet deadlines.

• Prioritization and delegation skills.

• Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite or related software.

Knowledge, Skill & Other Requirements:

• California credential for Speech-Language Pathology Services AND

• California Basic Education Skills Test (CBEST) OR

• Valid license/RPE from Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology Board, California

• Legally eligible to work in California

• Maintain a valid driver’s license or reliable transportation between job sites.

Compensation packages are determined based on individual factors such as experience, qualifications, and geography. Expatiate Communications is an equal-opportunity employer, considering all qualified applicants without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, age, gender, disability, or veteran status.


$93,000 - $139,351 per year