EP Behavior Consulting ABA Clinical Supervisor Santa Rosa, CA · Full time

Supervise ABA Programs


Job Description

  • Supervises individualized programs for children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders, in natural settings.
  • Schedules regular community visits with caregivers to review program effectiveness.
  • Provides parent training and education.
  • Makes observations, collects data, and charts progress.
  • Coordinates visits to overlap with members of the direct care team to observe sessions.
  • Provides coaching and clinical support.
  • Reviews data and reports submitted by direct care team, and updates individualized programs to assure programs reflect each child’s development and progress towards identified goals.
  • Keeps updated with other related documents and current medical reports for each child.
  • Provides child-related communication to caregivers, the program team, physicians and other health care providers, as appropriate
  • Maintains 70% billable time


$70,000 - $90,000 per year