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Transaction Management and Compliance


Role Summary:

As Transaction Coordinator in the real estate industry, you will play a crucial role in managing and facilitating the transaction process from the initial stages to the closing. This position requires a detail-oriented and organized individual with excellent communication skills. The Transaction Coordinator works closely with real estate agents, clients, lenders, and other team members to ensure a smooth, efficient  and compliant transaction process.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

➢ Transaction Management:

○ Oversee the end-to-end transaction process, ensuring compliance with all

relevant regulations and internal procedures.

○ Review and manage transaction files for accuracy and compliant regulations.

○ Communicate regularly with real estate agents, clients, lenders, and other

parties to provide updates and gather necessary information.

➢ Document Management:

○ Ensure all required documents are accurately completed, signed, and filed

in a timely manner.

○ Monitor deadlines and proactively address potential issues to prevent

transaction delays.

➢ Communication:

○ Act as a liaison between clients, real estate agents, and other

team members.

○ Communicate proactively to keep all parties informed about the status of


○ Resolve issues and address concerns in a timely and professional manner.

➢ Compliance:

○ Stay informed about changes in real estate regulations and ensure

compliance with state and federal laws.

○ Implement and enforce company policies and procedures related to


➢ Technology Utilization:

○ Utilize real estate transaction management software such as dotloop, Airtable, and other tools to

streamline processes and maintain accurate records.

➢ Problem Solving:

○ Identify potential challenges or roadblocks in transactions and proactively

work to resolve them.

On a more day to day basis, this would include:

➢ Review Transactions:

○ Begin the day by reviewing the status of ongoing transactions.

○ Check for any outstanding documents or information needed to move

transactions forward.

○ Ensure that all files are organized and up-to-date.

➢ Communication:

○ Respond to emails, messages, and voicemails received overnight.

○ Communicate with real estate agents, clients, and other stakeholders to

provide updates on transactions and address any inquiries.

➢ Meeting Preparation:

○ Prepare for meetings with the real estate agency's leadership team or

other relevant team members.

 ➢ Training and Development:

○ Provide feedback and coaching to team members for continuous


➢ Document Management:

○ Continuously monitor the completion of required documents for each


○ Ensure that all necessary signatures are obtained and that documents are

submitted in a timely manner.

➢ Problem Resolution:

○ Address any issues or roadblocks that may have arisen during the day.

○ Collaborate with team members to develop solutions and prevent

potential delays in transactions.

➢ End-of-Day Review:

○ Discuss any outstanding tasks and ensure that all priorities have been


➢ Planning for Tomorrow:

○ Outline key tasks and priorities for the next day.

○ Schedule any necessary meetings or follow-ups.

○ Check in with team members regarding their work plans for the following


➢ Compliance Check:

○ Regularly check for updates on real estate regulations and compliance

requirements and assist with audit.

○ Implement any necessary changes to ensure ongoing adherence to

industry standards.

➢ Technology Utilization:

○ Make use of real estate transaction management software and other tools

to streamline processes and maintain accurate records.

Skills Required

➢ Experience: Previous experience as a transaction coordinator in real estate is required.  

➢ Education: A high school diploma is required, and additional education or

certifications in real estate or related fields are a plus.

➢ Skills:

○ Strong organizational and multitasking abilities.

○ Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

○ Proficiency in real estate transaction management software.

○ Attention to detail and accuracy.


$40,000 - $50,000 per year