Elevate Sports Center, LLC Recreational Coach Eagle Mountain, UT · Part time

Seeking an energetic and caring individual to join our team at Elevate Sports Center, where you'll be paid to play and teach kids. Expect a lively environment with endless high-fives, smiles, and fun activities like obstacle courses. You'll be a beacon of encouragement and learning, helping kids achieve and have fun!


Are you an awesome human being who loves to play with kids?

The world needs more people like you, you rock.

Oh, wait … did you want to get paid to play with kids while also teaching them awesome skills? Okay, cool… we can do that!

We can teach you everything you need to know! What we can’t teach is the joyful feeling you get when you see a kid smile. So you hang on to that amazing trait and we will handle the rest.

A few things to expect day-to-day at your best job ever:

  • Innumerable amount of high fives
  • Smiles for days
  • Chatting with parents about the amazing things their kid did in class
  • Wrangling kids through fun stations or maybe an obstacle course
  • Encourage a kid who feels down, scared, overwhelmed, or just tired and completely turn their day around
  • Maybe even learn a cartwheel or backflip yourself!

While we think you are already pretty cool, we want to make sure you have:

  • A love for kids and a want for them to succeed
  • A smile on your face at work
  • Are a team player with your co-workers
  • The commitment to the kids you are impacting
  • Clear and professional communication skills, while still having fun!

Not required but a big plus in our consideration would include:

  • Experience teaching or participation in gymnastics, tumbling, dance, martial arts, parkour, or free-running, or cheer
  • More energy than you know what to do with

At the end of the day, kids are our #1 priority. Ready to come work with us?


$9 - $13 per hour