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Software Engineer


We’re looking for someone with strong backend engineering skills to work on AWS billing tools.

While we’re ingesting and working with many, many terabytes of data, the ingestion is batched from S3 into ClickHouse where acceptable latency is measured in hours, so typical data engineering concerns (eg, streaming data) aren’t a concern.

Instead, the real challenges we have are with data modeling. We’re taking a lot of semi-freeform data and applying structure to it and doing a lot of querying to the cloud bill. This will only get more complex as we expand functionality.

On the frontend, we’re visualizing a lot of complex data, so we definitely have fun design challenges to work with as we’re implementing all the visualization.

This an in-person role in San Francisco, so only open to SF Bay Area candidates. We've got a lot of domain knowledge to get out of our heads and into yours and in-person is the best way we've found to do that effectively.

Our Tech Stack

  • AWS
  • Python + Flask
  • React
  • PostgreSQL
  • ClickHouse
  • DuckDB


  • Strong experience in complex data modeling
  • Must be in San Francisco Bay Area and okay with working in the office

Nice to Have

  • Experience with AWS billing data (Cost & Usage Report)

Compensation & Benefits

Salary for this role is $150k to $200k.

We provide a non-matching 401(k) and company-paid healthcare, vision, and dental. Dependents are covered 50%.

We offer 4 weeks of PTO that accrue monthly, plus unlimited sick leave. We also close up shop for the last week of the year.

About Us

The Duckbill Group provides consulting services to mid-market and enterprise companies aimed at optimizing and managing their AWS spend. You can read about our services and some of our clients on our website. Additionally, we operate several media publications in the AWS space, including our flagship publication, Last Week in AWS.

While we might look like a standard boutique consulting firm, we’ve got big dreams and ambitions around how we can serve more clients in more ways.

We believe in a different way of doing consulting:

  • We believe protecting the client is paramount.
  • We don't bill hourly or percent-of-savings, because both create misalignment between us and our clients.
  • We optimize for short, in-and-out engagements over long-term engagements. Our average client engagement lasts only eight weeks.
  • We don't do engineering-level implementation work. We stick to higher-level engagements where our value is clear to everyone.
  • We don't do custom engagements. Our consulting services look more like a product than a service, in that they are fixed-scope, defined-outcome, defined-process, and standardized pricing. In other words, no scope creep here.

Diversity & Inclusion

We’re building a diverse and inclusive workplace where we learn from each other. We hire adults. We value transparency, autonomy, experimentation, and kind, direct feedback. We welcome nontraditional candidates, and people of all backgrounds, experiences, abilities and perspectives. We’re an equal opportunity employer and our hiring process is structured to put you at ease and help you demonstrate your best work. If we are doing a poor job of this at any time, please let us know. We hire for strengths, not absence of weakness. Come do great things with us.


$150,000 - $200,000 per year