Diverse Learners Cooperative Regional Program Director Memphis, TN · Full time

The DLC is seeking an exceptional Memphis Program Director who is excited to lead toward our mission of dramatically improving educational opportunities for diverse learners.


As a regional program director, you’ll lead efforts to improve accessibility for diverse learners in partnership with schools and education-focused organizations throughout Memphis and the surrounding West Tennessee region. You will play a critical role in setting vision, strategy, and growing DLC’s work in this region, forging new partnerships to support school and system partners to meet diverse learner goals. As a collaborative member of the DLC team, you will track and evaluate program impact, contribute to strategic ideas and resources, and build the case for program support through consistent and clear communication efforts.

This position is a full time role, and requires comfortability with working across multiple school sites in Memphis and West Tennessee. 


The Memphis Program Director will set and deliver a Memphis-based strategy for equipping and empowering school teams to serve diverse learners. We expect the Regional Program Director to:

  • Possess a deep understanding of the challenges facing diverse learners and the teams who serve them. You make it a point to stay current on best practices and innovative approaches related to educating students with disabilities and multilingual learners, and you’re not afraid to leverage different schools of thought or develop entirely new approaches to meet the needs of your partners. You understand the current landscape and are deeply empathetic toward the challenges facing teachers and leaders in meeting the needs of diverse learners in today’s schools. You balance this awareness with constantly looking ahead and forward-thinking about what’s to come and how our strategies should evolve accordingly. 
  • Have a vision for what’s possible for students and how our work can improve outcomes for diverse learners. You’re a strategy setter who can generate innovative and nuanced solutions to our partners’ most complex challenges, provide strategic vision, anticipate challenges, and assess the effectiveness of our work. You can invest others in this vision, relating the support the DLC can offer to the needs of partners to help achieve their goals for students. You consider partner context and potential challenges, adjusting the delivery of our work as necessary.
  • Develop strong relationships internally and externally. You’re energized by the opportunity to share the DLC’s mission, build relationships and work alongside internal and external partners. You believe that our best work can only be done through engaging diverse perspectives and are intentional about seeking out and expanding opportunities with local partners. You will seize opportunities to compellingly represent DLC’s work with both external partners and our internal team.
  • Lead business development strategy and expand DLC’s work in the West TN region. You understand and consider external conditions that affect our work, actively advocate for change, and successfully lead sales efforts with new and existing partners throughout the region that align to strategic priorities, ensuring we meet budget and revenue targets. You have a strong external network and can build relationships and identify options for new sources of funding for DLC at the local and national level.
  • Motivate and influence others to act. We’re counting on your ability to develop strong relationships with senior level school, district, and state leaders, as well as community partners throughout the region and utilize those relationships to build DLC’s presence and forge new partnerships for our work. 
  • Direct and implement partner support services with support of regional team. You’ll work with school and system partners to develop and deliver on plans for support and evaluate progress toward measurable goals. You’ll communicate plans and progress often and clearly.
  • Ensure our continued growth by closely stewarding our core resources, including people, time, money, portfolio of services, client relationships and our reputation. 
  • Lead with an asset-based and equity-centered approach.  You have a strong understanding and prior experience with equity-based, asset-oriented, and culturally responsive practices, and use them as foundational lenses of your leadership.    
  • Model personal awareness and interpersonal agility.  Authentic self-reflection, self- awareness, and high emotional intelligence are central to who you are, and you utilize these skills to shape a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion that influences how you think about your work.  You have an adept cultural understanding of yourself and use your understanding of yourself and others to build trusting relationships with direct reports, colleagues, and clients.  


$80,000 - $95,000 per year