Digital Services Network, LLC Content Coordinator Tulsa, OK · Full time

Marketing Content Coordinator


The Content Coordinator will oversee the development, design, printing, and distribution of print and digital communications across multiple companies, including event brochures, membership materials, sponsorship programs, banners, podcasts, videos, handouts, and other materials as assigned. They will also be responsible for writing and editing various types of content, updating social media accounts, overseeing a team of content creators, conducting market research, and monitoring and reporting on content updates and campaigns.

The successful candidate will be required to write content for social media, email, website, and traditional marketing materials, with a focus on Cybersecurity, Healthcare Software, and Technology. They will also be responsible for daily engagement on all social platforms, including LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, scheduling posts, writing copy, and sharing user-generated content.


• Bachelor's degree or acquiring Bachelor's degree in Marketing, or related field.

• 1-2 years of experience in content creation and social media management.

• Strong written and verbal communication skills.

• Excellent organizational and project management skills.

• Proficient with basic office suite software (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.).

• A solid understanding of social media and social media management tools.

• Familiarity with SEO best practices.

• Ability to work collaboratively in a fast-paced environment.

• Detail-oriented with a high level of accuracy.

• Passion for creating high-quality, engaging content.

• Knowledge or interest in Cybersecurity, Healthcare Software, and Technology is preferred.

The Content Coordinator must have excellent written, verbal, and interpersonal skills and be able to communicate and articulate clearly with various departments, including vendors, contractors, and freelancers. They should be able to take feedback and constructive criticism, have a strong sense of creativity, and pay attention to detail while meeting deadlines. They must also be organized, accountable for responsibilities and projects, and possess excellent time-management skills for juggling numerous time-sensitive projects simultaneously.

Overall, the Content Coordinator will be responsible for creating and executing content strategies that align with the overall business goals and objectives of multiple companies. They will play a critical role in building brand awareness, driving engagement, and ultimately, generating leads and revenue.


$17 - $21 per hour