Denali Photo Guides Photo Guide Denali Park, AK · Full time

Denali Photo Guides offers a unique opportunity for visitors to deepen their knowledge of photography and hone their technical skills while experiencing the beauty and wonder of Alaska’s wilderness.



Our mission is to provide a tour that guests and guides enjoy equally by expressing their passion for photography and wilderness.


Guides help create a memorable experience for our guests from around the world during what might be their one-and-only trip to Alaska. We need staff that can provide helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly service with dedication and commitment to our mission. We depend on our guides to continue our tradition of offering an extremely high-quality experience.


We strive to locate and hire high-quality people to create a tight-knit and caring team. To that end, employees need to be team players who naturally cultivate a positive experience for guests and staff alike. As employers, we do everything we can to help you have a fun summer working in a friendly atmosphere. Denali is our home; we love it and we want to enable other passionate people to live and work in the most beautiful place on earth.


Being an employee of Denali Photo Guides means that you are part of a unique team offering an exceptional product. Employees should be efficient, organized, courteous, and amicable. Employees are expected to maintain a clean and professional appearance. Because of the unique responsibilities required, all applicants must possess strong multi-tasking skills and excellent focus. It is important to have outstanding and professional interpersonal skills and to be able to remain calm and courteous in what can be a busy and demanding day-to-day operation. Employees must have strong attention to detail and thorough organizational skills.



In general, a photo guide’s schedule is irregular. Guides are expected to be available at short notice at any time unless arrangements for time off have been made. Tours are typically 3 to 4 hours and we expect guides to go the extra mile for our guests even if it means spending more time with them. Our number one goal is to receive 5-star reviews on TripAdvisor, so every tour requires enthusiasm and passion to ensure the guests’ expectations are exceeded. Guides receive at least 1 day off per week. Schedules change every day based on demand, which is unpredictable. We will work with you to maximize your tours and time off. We also want to provide you with the time and opportunity to get out into the park and explore Alaska when possible.


Denali Photo Guides are also stewards and ambassadors for Denali National Park, wildlife, and wild spaces in general. It is of utmost importance to embody these ethics in our own behavior and make our guests understand what is and is not appropriate conduct in these locations and around wildlife.


Our small group sizes enable us to provide individualized attention to each and every guest – meeting them at their level so they can get more out of their experience. Managing small groups with such a technical focus demands a broad skill set from our guides. Each guide must:


·     Be an expert photographer who is able to adapt and handle any piece of gear that comes with guests on any trip. You may see a point-and-shoot from 1991 or the brand-new mirrorless from Nikon - be able to roll with it all. You should be able to figure out settings and help your guests make adjustments so they can capture better images, learn, and go home with some great shots.

·     Be able to get along well with people, adapt to different personalities, and manage the social dynamic of the group.

·     Be able to listen to each guest’s expectations, needs, and desires for the tour and be able to manage those (in some cases you will need to enlighten guests about the reality of the current conditions and reset their expectations).

·     Know locations and adapt quickly to changing light, weather, and conditions in order to get our guests to the best locations with the most dynamic lighting during the time allotted for the tour.

·     Drive safely!

·     Scout for wildlife and follow NPS ethics when photographing animals.

·     Manage timing – Get to enough locations and allow enough time at each location.

·     Offer clear instruction and support to beginners and advanced photographers alike.

·     Offer additional information about the area such as the Alaskan lifestyle, culture, and natural history of Denali.

·     Make sure guests are not bored or overwhelmed.

·     Give enough attention without making guests feel you are “hovering.”

·     Introduce different gear, filters, and techniques to guests.

·     Offer insight into post-processing techniques and suggestions for what guests can do with their images later on or how to continue progressing with photography.

·     Encourage guests to write reviews on TripAdvisor and other social media.

·     Engage with the company’s social media.

·     Provide images and content for marketing (all rights of your images belong to you – we only use web resolution versions of your images and we do not sell your images unless a separate agreement is made).

·     Be punctual for all pick-up times and able to manage several different pick-up locations.

·     Dress appropriately.

·     Keep vehicles clean and tidy.

·     Keep gear organized and clean.

·     Upsell camera equipment, merchandise, or other items.




  • Minimum age of 21 years old.
  • Valid driver’s license and clean driving record.
  • Valid First Aid & CPR certification.
  • Online certification may be obtained here:
  • Cost up to $15 will be reimbursed with first paycheck. Must submit receipt.
  • Leave No Trace certification, which may be obtained at no cost here:
  • Ability to be legally employed in the United States for the entire work season (May to September). Priority is given to applicants that are available for the entire season.
  • Functional cell phone with WiFi-enabled calling.


All employees must have the ability to:

  • Follow instructions accurately and work with minimum supervision.
  • Communicate positively and effectively with guests, co-workers, and supervisors.
  • Provide excellent customer service to our guests.
  • Maintain excellent attendance and punctuality at work.
  • Work long hours, various shifts, split shifts, and on holidays and weekends.
  • Keep work areas clean, neat, and organized.


All employees must wear appropriate clothing:

  • Employees should wear closed-toe non-slip shoes.
  • Personal clothing worn at work must be clean and free of holes, tears, or rips.
  • Employees must look sharp and be clean upon arrival to shift.




·     Employees earn $10 for each 5-star review (with their name mentioned) on TripAdvisor or Google.

·     Generous tips can be expected.

·     Opportunity to take local tours for free or at a deeply discounted price.

·     Discounts on train and motorcoach travel.

·     Discounts on accommodations for friends & family at Denali Hostel & Cabins.




We share facilities with Denali Hostel & Cabins located about 14 miles south of the entrance to Denali National Park. Tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the main tourist hub, our property is on a creek and in a mountain valley with amazing access to the wilderness right at your doorstep! Just across the road from our property, there are two restaurants and a fun pub where lots of other seasonal employees socialize and hang out. At the park entrance area, there are tons of outdoor adventures, gift shops, and restaurants all within walking distance. If you do not have your own vehicle, you can catch a lift on the Hostel’s shuttle to the park entrance area, as long as there is room after all the guests have boarded.


Nearby housing may be available for a small rental fee. Employees have access to the Hostel’s facilities including a kitchen, bathrooms, showers, and laundry. These amenities are also used by the hostel’s guests (who are mostly gone during the day).


The location of the Denali Hostel is considered remote. Although we are located on the highway system there are no major towns nearby. There is access to medical help and supplies nearby. Employees are expected to be independent, self-sufficient, and adaptable.


You will be responsible for your own transportation to Alaska. We will give you information on the best ways to get here. We are located about 4 hours north of Anchorage and about 2.5 hours south of Fairbanks. There are some small markets with limited offerings about 15 miles north of us, and one grocery store in the town of Healy, about 25 miles north of us. For most other services, you will need to go to Fairbanks or Anchorage. If you do not have a personal vehicle, we will help you make arrangements to get supplies.




Denali Photo Guides provides equal employment opportunities to all applicants for employment and to all employees without regard to age, race, color, disability, national origin, religion, sex, sexual preference, veteran status, genetic predisposition or any other protected classification. Employment actions include but are not limited to recruiting, job assignment, training, promotion, transfer, rates of pay and other forms of compensation and benefits.



$18 - $20 per hour