DemandMaven, Inc Marketing Research Lead (Contractor) Remote · Part time

Research Leads conduct JTBD interviews, talk to customers, and analyze the research.


We're in search of someone who can help support on the delivery side of our business. We work with growing SaaS companies who are looking to better understand their buyer and supercharge their growth. Research Leads conduct interviews that follow the Jobs to be Done framework and work to extract key insights from customers and audience members.

This is a part time role, 25-30 hours per week. We’re seeking someone with at least 3 full business days per week available during daytime Eastern Time hours to run interviews (all hours won’t be booked, but must have an open calendar).

Who We Are:

DemandMaven is a woman-owned growth consultancy that helps growing SaaS companies and startups find their absolute best growth opportunities, troubleshoot their growth, and generate their next $1M ARR. DemandMaven also works with early-stage SaaS companies on their go-to-market strategies and finding product-market fit.

Hours: 25-30 hours per week, Eastern time zone working hours (for scheduling customer interviews)

Location: Remote


  • Run customer or audience interviews
  • Analyze the voice of customer
  • Parse transcripts in an Airtable database to help extract key insights and patterns
  • Create charts and reports from qualitative research
  • Build surveys to send to customers
  • Produce strategic deliverables related to the voice of customer research and the client's strategy
  • Follow internal SOPs for how to create deliverables
  • Conduct research about the client's market
  • Share interesting knowledge or insights with clients

On rare occasions, we may need help with:

  • Updating the client on project progress
  • Booking and scheduling interviews with the client's customers

Must Haves:

  • Must have at least 3 business days per week open and available during Eastern Time daytime hours
  • 4+ years professional experience in digital marketing
  • Experience working in SaaS, startup, technology or related high-growth, fast-paced industries
  • You generally like talking to people and are curious about their experiences, backgrounds, struggles, and desires
  • You've got the bandwidth to dig deep into analyzing the voice of customer
  • You really like analyzing information and can extract insights from the data you analyze
  • Comfortable with taking initiative even when you don't have all of the data
  • Resourceful and use the wealth of information, knowledge, tools, and processes at your disposal to help you get your work done
  • You're so detail-oriented that you can tell the difference between Quickbooks and QuickBooks and know which one is correct
  • You're amazing at setting expectations on when deliverables will be done and are the first to raise your hand when you need help or are blocked by something
  • Track record of operating independently, demonstrating creativity, and producing deliverables in a highly organized manner
  • Excellent communication skills and expectation setting about deliverables and tasks - When you say you'll deliver something at a particular time, you mean it
  • Ability to maintain high quality work while meeting tight deadlines on multiple projects simultaneously
  • Love collaborating with a small team on many different types of projects
  • Achiever, growth mindset; Naturally curious and voracious appetite for learning

Nice to Haves:

  • Familiarity with tools like Airtable, Google Suite, Slack, etc.
  • Familiarity with the JTBD approach to customer research
  • Journalism background and/or customer interview experience


  • The minimum for this role is $35 USD per hour, but do note that the rate and compensation are flexible based on experience

What's In It For You:

  • Work with a SaaS growth consultant with a proven track record
  • Learn tons about many different markets and products
  • Learn how to leverage different strategic frameworks and how to design your own
  • Mentorship on qualitative and quantitative research
  • Access to a variety of marketing, demand gen, and SaaS courses they have purchased over the years
  • Work with an awesome team and clients you'll actually want to work with and learn about


$35 - $50 per hour