DC Wildflower Public Charter School Paraprofessional Washington, DC · Full time

As a Paraprofessional at DC Wildflower you will be part of an instructional team of Teacher Leader, Assistant, and Special Education Teacher. You will support students both during their instructional day and the extended day (lunch, nap, afternoon work period, or after care), ensuring consistency for identified children throughout the day. You will provide individual instructional and adaptive support for children with Individualized Educational Plans (IEP) under the direct supervision of the school’s Special Education Teacher and the campus Teacher Leaders.


About our schools 

The Riverseed School is a teacher-led, two classroom school located in a house in the Burrville neighborhood of Washington DC. The Riverseed School prioritizes the well-being of the whole child—mind, body, senses, and spirit—with an emphasis on connection to nature. Riverseed is committed to trusting, respecting, and empowering children to be active participants in their own education and being a space where they can bring their whole selves every day. The Riverseed School serves 28 PK3 to Kindergarten children in the 2023-24 school year; it will add a grade each year up to 5th to serve about 60 students at full scale. Blue Montessori, opening in fall 2024, will be a primary classroom serving ages PK3 - K in storefront in historic Anacostia. Led by two teacher leaders it will enroll 20 students in 2024 and grow to 28 in following years. 

In your role you will support individual students’ needs by:

  • Adapting classroom activities, assignments and/or materials under the direction of the teaching team for the purpose of providing an opportunity for all special education students to participate in classroom activities.
  • Assisting children with disabilities for the purpose of helping students on and off the bus.
  • Assisting students for the purpose of helping students with breakfast, lunch, snack, clean-up, lavatory, clothing, personal hygiene and wash-up if required.
  • Assisting other personnel as may be required for the purpose of supporting them in the completion of their work activities.
  • Implementing academic instruction taught by a teacher for individuals or small groups for the purpose of meeting learning goals, as described by an IEP and/or district benchmarks.
  • Implementing behavioral plans designed by IEP team for students with behavior disorders or other special conditions for the purpose.

You will work with the instructional team:

  • Confering with teachers on a regular basis for the purpose of assisting in evaluating special education student progress and/or implementing IEP objectives.
  • Attending meetings and in-service presentations for the purpose of acquiring and/or conveying information relative to job functions. 
  • Preparing regular oral and written reports for families and appropriate school personnel on child/children's progress toward IEP goals.
  • Working with the teaching team to ensure the classroom contains sufficient supplies and materials for individualized instructional supports. 
  • Coordinating with related service providers, as appropriate, to integrate best practices into daily learning opportunities. 

You will also support the classroom community:

  • Ensuring a safe, clean, attractive and engaging classroom that encourages both exploration and complex play for children with special needs.
  • Supporting the establishment of rich and engaging physical learning environments.
  • Developing an effective rapport with children and families.
  • Fostering tolerance and a sense of community in classrooms, modeling and explicitly teaching acceptance and appreciation of others.


  • Experience working with early childhood learners 
  • Experience supporting children in an inclusive classroom, especially with children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) 
  • Previous Montessori experience preferred but not required 
  • Minimum of high school diploma plus two years of higher education required. 
  • A state-issued CDA or an Associate degree in Child Development (or similar) is ideal, but not required.
  • Fluency with Google Suite, especially spreadsheet documents 
  • Medication management and administration is preferred, but not required. 


  • Committed to Equity: You are eager to expand access to quality early education for racially and socioeconomically diverse communities; you are ready to engage in anti-bias, anti-racist self-work and community-work
  • Generous: You live with kindness, practice gratitude and lead with love. You seek advice openly and are comfortable working in a non-hierarchical organization.
  • Growth Oriented: You are eager to stretch beyond your current experience, to develop new skills and expertise, and to more fully explore your purpose and potential. 


$40,000 - $50,000 per year