Dalton Optometry Executive Administrator – Practice Management Dalton, GA · Full time Company website

Promote DALTON OPTOMETRY core values and develop business, Manage staffing needs and compliance, Create and manage a fiscal environment for the practice


Objective: Promote DALTON OPTOMETRY core values and develop business

Manage Staffing Needs and Compliance

Create and manage fiscal environment for practice

Hours: All / PRN

Salary:  $41,600

Dress Code: As assigned

Description:  Executive Administrator - Practice Manager is directly responsible for overseeing the overall management and compliance of the medical practice as a whole.  The PM coordinates, and supervises all operational and clinical aspects of the medical practice and is responsible for their effective implementation.  The PM should be well versed in each employee’s job duties.  The PM should be fully aware of the fiscal health of the practice and responsible for generating and maintaining all departmental budgets, reports, and maintenance; Delegates operational activity and staff management.  Maintains integrity of DALTON OPTOMETRY core values and is directly responsible for governance of medical providers under the guidance of the ownership.  Oversees the outflow of medical procedures, charges, and billing to insurance companies, agencies, and individual clients.  Oversees the inflow of payments received from patients and on insurance claims.

Essential job functions include but are not limited to:

  1. Directs program administration
  2. Directs personnel administration
  3. Oversees financial administration
  4. Oversees clinical administration
  5. Oversees IT administration
  6. Oversees training of all staff and fill in for absent staffing
  7. Fosters strong community relations

Job Duties:

  1. All duties require to run and maintain DALTON OPTOMETRY
  2. Practice staffing and scheduling; staff reviews and disciplinary actions; liaison between all departments and staff
  3. Generation and management of departmental budgeting; audits
  4. Daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual reporting to owners and staff
  5. Monthly / Annual Staff Meetings
  6. Responsible for all privacy and security for medical practice
  7. Promulgates and maintains individual management job reviews, contracts, salary reviews
  8. Direct and / or delegate property management
  9. Direct and / or delegate accounts payable management; manages all auditing functions of payables
  10. Integration and maintenance of health care delivery systems, “EHR”, complex regulatory environments, and practice workflow management
  11. Daily deposits
  12. Biweekly Payroll; Payroll taxes
  13. Formulate business strategies; develop community interaction and integration
  14. Maintains accounts receivable staffing and reporting; monitoring timely filing of medical claims and billing staff
  15. Communicate information effectively, verbally and in writing, in a timely, clear, and concise manner
  16. Leaves work station and surrounding area clean at end of each workday
  17. Maintains appropriate patient HIPAA confidentiality by protecting patient’s identities through securing of paper / computer information that could be seen by other patients, correct use of names while on telephone that could be overheard by other patients, in conversation with other staff either in person or over inter-office telephone that could be overheard by other patients.  
  18. Keeps work area clean of clutter and maintains a professional and organized ambience.  
  19. Promotes positive and professional attitude and enforces company financial policies with patients.
  20. Educate patients about their visits and answer their questions
  21. Other duties as assigned


$36,600 - $41,600 per year