Cultured Decadence, Inc. Research Associate Madison, WI

Cultured Decadence is hiring! We're looking for a Research Associate who thrives in dynamic environments and lets their curiosity find collaboration!


[{"insert":"Cultured Decadence is creating novel methods to make crustacean products using cell culture and tissue engineering techniques. In support of this work, we are seeking a research associate who is highly motivated, embraces novel ideas, and will employ innovative thinking to advance the research and development of cell-cultured meat. \n \nYou will be a pioneer in an emerging industry and contribute to creating solutions to address the growing demand for sustainable seafood products, reduce the environmental impact of current production methods, and increase access to seafood for consumers around the world.\n​\nA competitive candidate will be someone who takes initiative, thrives in dynamic environments, and has a background in cell culture, media development, and working with primary cells.\n"}]


Required Skills and Background:

- BS/MS in relevant field with 3+ experience animal cell culture experience

- Excellent aseptic technique for cell culture

- Ability to read and interpret scientific literature

- Ability to independently troubleshoot molecular biology and cell culture protocols

- Detail-oriented, with excellent data collection and recording for experimental design and results

- Flexibility to work weekends or late shifts to support cell culture as needed

- Mission-driven, self-directed with a strong work ethic

- Demonstrable ability to adhere to ambitious timelines

- Flexibility and willingness to expand skill set and responsibilities

- Excellent verbal and written communication, organization, and time-management skills

Preferred Additional Skills:

- Crustacean, marine, or invertebrate cell culture experience

- Experience working with multiple cell types in multiple culturing formats

- Experience isolating DNA, RNA, PCR genotyping, and PCR sequencing analysis a plus