CORPlaw Executive Assistant Remote · Full time

Cutting-edge law firm seeks experienced executive assistant to join our team. Our ideal candidate is a detail-oriented self starter, a calendaring and organization mastermind, an impressive writer, with the confidence and experience to help the team think through and implement high-level strategies.


We seek an experienced executive assistant to provide strategic support to our team. The position requires experience working with high-performing white-collar professionals in a fast-paced environment and demonstrated experience managing an executive's calendar and email inbox. We want an organizational and management genius, and we mean that. This is not a stepping-stone job. We need someone whose goal is to be the go-to staff member in his or her office for solution-finding. The ideal candidate will identify with these characteristics: organization is your passion, you are proactive, take pride in making order out of chaos, detail-oriented, analytical, loves processes and systems, you are a get the job done type.


If these statements appeal to you, then you may be the person we need:


  • You see a structure where other people see disorganization

  • You are a wonderful writer who takes pride in your sickening degree of attention to detail

  • Your middle name is “No Drama”

  • People who know you would describe you as a “Trustworthy” and “Reliable”

  • You are not intimidated by intense executive personalities and, in fact, enjoy working with high performing executives

The duties of this job require a high degree of specialized expertise and skill in maintaining established standards of quality and accuracy. Drive, determination, and a self-disciplined approach to achieving results that meet these established criteria are necessary for successful job performance. The job environment is structured and job expectations are clear. While the pace of the work is faster than average, quality is never compromised. The focus of communication and organizational relationships is based on technical expertise. The work requires specialized technical problem solving and ingenuity while working within approved organizational systems and technology, and the demonstration of the values of integrity, quality, and caution. The position encompasses a defined span of control and opportunity for someone who engenders trust, demonstrates a sense of urgency, and assures consistent achievement of quality standards. The work requires making decisions that support company guidelines authoritatively and quickly.


The following will be necessary or useful to satisfy the responsibilities of the position:

  • Extreme tech savvy-ness, with willingness and ability to self teach and gain expert proficiency in new technologies and systems quickly. If you self describe as “bad with technology” or otherwise hate learning new technology and being your own tech support, please do not apply as you’ll not be setting yourself up for success

  • A minimum of 5 years of experience as an executive assistant or legal assistant (specifically, over 5 years of experience managing an executive-level email inbox, ghostwriting and triaging correspondence, and managing a busy calendar to ensure no details are missed)

  • Full understanding of the important of calendar management, with the ability to manage complex calendar systems across platform including but not limited to Outlook

  • Detail-oriented, prompt, professional, and efficient

  • Extreme comfort navigating technology, including seamless self-led orientation to differing software platforms

  • Confidence taking ownership of and managing a high volume of responsibilities and deadlines

  • Clear and professional communication via phone and email

  • Demonstrated history of working collaboratively with management and business teams to solve complex business problems

  • Protective of clients, our staff, and have good intuition. We are looking for someone who is self-contained and emotionally mature

  • Strong communication skills, presence, and poise

  • Mastery level understanding of corporate departments, systems, workflows, sales, and marketing

  • Spanish fluency is a plus, but not required


$50,000 - $60,000 per year