Concentrated Studios, LLC D.B.A. Excesss Karaoke & Trivia Karaoke & Trivia Host Columbus, OH · Part time

Do you love karaoke or pub trivia? Have you ever though you would make a great karaoke or trivia host? If you have a BIG personality and energize a room when you walk in, this might be the position for you! If you have a minimum of 4 evenings a week and reliable transportation- we should talk!


Could you be the next great karaoke or trivia host?

We are looking for fun, energetic, personable people who have attended and enjoy karaoke and/or trivia, and who think hosting would be a perfect fit for their personality and lifestyle. We are looking for a minimum availability of 3-4 nights a week. Trivia shows last two hours sometime between 5-10 pm, while karaoke usually goes 4 hours and can start as early as 6 or as late as 10

So what does hosting really entail? 

The real key to success will be in promotion and forging a tight relationship with both the staff and management at each of your venues, as well as developing a good following of newly met trivia and karaoke friends. The ability to be a reliable self-starter, taking ownership of your show, being able to take constructive criticism, and using the tools and skills we provide you with to grow a successful following at each of your shows is what the job really comes down to. 

To say the least, Excesss likes to hire from those that LOVE karaoke and trivia - especially those that are fans of OUR brand of karaoke and trivia. To date, our most successful hosts have first been regulars at our shows. If you are a regular attendee, please let us know which shows and locations you regularly frequent. If you haven’t, we very much would like you to attend a few of both of our karaoke and trivia shows- and make sure that this is something that you would love to be a part of/that you understand what at least the HOSTING portion of doing this job actually looks like. So, after reviewing the job requirements, AND after attending our shows, if this still seems like a position you want to try out for, let us know!

Still interested in trying out to be a host? This position demands self-starting, MOTIVATED, ENERGETIC people - and now the ball is in your court! Check out our questions below and answer all of them, please... show us you got what it takes and that you understand what we are looking for, and we can get the ball rolling on an in-person interview!


$18 - $28 per hour