Comunidades Indigenas En Liderazgo, Corp. Community Affair Department Manager Los Angeles, CA · Full time

CIELO’s community outreach team is critical in creating access and supporting navigating resources. Your role as part of the community outreach team will be integral to providing access to necessary resources and services to Indigenous communities. You will work closely with the outreach team and the Indigenous migrant communities.


Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Focus on the sustainability and growth of the organization in support of the mission
  • Lead Community strategic planning efforts in coordination with the Director of Operations 
  • Event Planning, Coordination, and Execution  
  • Lead community event planning and some CIELO events: manage calendar for annual events, coordinate planning meetings, work with partner agencies and organizations, oversee event day, and evaluate and continuously improve. 
  • Coordinate outreach events
  • Running booths/ tables at events*
  • Coordinate phone banking with community members
  • Create/ Design, Craft Copy*, and Distribute Community Outreach Newsletter
  • Develop language for an email blast
  • Design and share flyers for community events
  • Work with Director of Operations to build CIELO’s membership program/ database
  • Support in managing CIELO’s offsite offices at the Mexican and Guatemalan consulate 
  • Schedule and assign staff tasks for the site
  • Have the necessary materials available at the office

  • Advocacy 
  • Advocates for resources for Indigenous migrant communities 
  • Such as covid tests, masks, food boxes, etc. 
  • Provide supervision, direction, and coordination with outreach staff and volunteers to ensure programs are well-run and achieve measurable outcomes. This includes :
  • Weekly check-ins
  • Scheduling 1:1 meetings
  • Managing staff schedule 
  • Reporting 
  • Have a record of services rendered
  • Submit quarterly reports of activities
  • Submit numbers to different agencies
  • Such as Los Angeles County
  • Data management 
  • Create forms to collect data 
  • Collect data on communities served in different sites and activities 
  • Manage the list of contacts of community members
  • In the email list serve 
  • Phone banking 
  • Responsibilities are not limited to the description 
  • All duties as assigned

Candidate Requirements:

  • Bilingual required
  • Spanish and English required
  • Excellent communication, interpersonal, leadership, and conflict resolution skills
  • Proven success in a managerial role
  • Ability to work self-sufficiently and prioritize tasks
  • Time and project management skills
  • Community-oriented 
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Computer software proficiency: Microsoft Office apps (excel, word, PowerPoint etc.), Google Suite apps, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, GoTo, WhatsApp video & audio calling, etc.
  • Knowledge of office administrative procedures
  • Data management and collection skills 


  • Geographic knowledge of current Indigenous communities and Indigenous language diversity
  • Public speaking skills
  • Bachelor's degree or equivalent


  • Indigenous language speakers are a plus


$50,000 - $60,000 per year