Colorado Poverty Law Project Managing Attorney Denver, CO · Full time

The Managing Attorney is responsible for managing the staff and operations of CPLP’s office and overseeing the office’s efforts to provide excellent, client-centered representation and education under all of CPLP’s programs. The attorney in this position must have exceptional leadership, organizational, and management skills, experience in housing related legal proceedings, and the ability to translate a vision for justice into concrete litigation strategies and employee expectations.


Specific responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

Ensure that CPLP provides effective and exemplary, client- centered legal representation to all clients.

  • Supervise staff in providing effective legal representation for every case, including but not limited to litigation, court processes, and ethical obligations.
  • Carry a reduced caseload in addition to management responsibilities; provide excellent representation on those cases.
  • Effectively supervise staff by supporting staff, clearly defining expectations, evaluating staff performance, providing constructive feedback and assistance, resolving complaints, and distributing caseloads equitably.
  • Work with support staff to schedule and hold regular staff meetings to foster collaborative program and administrative updates, strategizing, and advocacy on case-related work.
  • Strategize and implement the optimal use of case consultants, volunteers, and contractors as members of attorney legal teams.

Oversee CPLP’s day-to-day operations and collaborate with leadership on long-term strategic planning to ensure effective and efficient programming and operations.

  • Oversee staff use of CPLP’s case management and billing systems and utilize reports and data in all decision-making including attorney performance evaluations.
  • Oversee coordination of grant management activities among attorneys and liaise with development staff regarding grant management, including facilitating timely and accurate reporting to grant funders.
  • Oversee coordination of communication activities among attorneys with communication staff.
  • Monitor staff and other resource allocation within the law firm (including approval of law firm travel) and assist the Executive Director in resource allocation decisions in light of strategic and/or programmatic objectives and grant requirements.
  • Work within the law firm and with other departments as necessary to acquire resources for the law firm, including library and online research resources.
  • Oversee and manage the recruitment, hiring, and professional development of all legal staff and legal assistants.
  • Oversee the orientation, on boarding, and training of legal staff, including training on new technology and ongoing professional development.
  • Implement the performance review process for legal staff and legal assistants in coordination with the Executive Director.
  • Oversee the case intake process and case assignments.
  • Oversee the use and implementation of the Case Management Database.
  • Manage resources and staff by presenting the needs of CPLP staff to leadership and leading staff in engaging in continuous quality improvement.
  • Report to CPLP’s Executive Director on the Managing Attorney’s performance and the office’s overall performance.

Establish and maintain CPLP as a leader in providing effective and client-centered representation and advance the rights and interests of CPLP and its clients.

  • Participate in local, state, and national committees and collaborations.
  • Maintain professional relationships with other stakeholders in community; effectively represent the rights and interests of CPLP’s clients through collaboration and systemic advocacy.
  • Present and train at the state and local level.
  • Participate in CPLP’s legislative, policy, and training initiatives by informing CPLP’s policy team about practice and policy implications and by collaborating with CPLP staff.

Develop a specialized workforce of attorneys and case consultants dedicated to CPLP’s mission.

  • Work collaboratively with CPLP to develop effective strategies for recruiting and retaining qualified attorneys and case consultants and to expand the diversity, experience, and expertise of CPLP’s workforce.
  • Develop effective onboarding, training, support, and supervision protocols that ensure attorneys and case consultants have the skills, knowledge, and tools to effectively represent CPLP’s clients at all phases of proceedings.
  • Assess and address individual staff member’s training needs and ensure staff access to relevant training opportunities.

Minimum Qualifications, Substitutions, Conditions of Employment


  • License to practice in the State of Colorado.
  • At least 5 years’ experience in housing law.
  • Nonprofit and/or law firm management preferred.
  • The candidate must have legal experience handling housing matters and relevant experience litigating matters before courts.
  • Passion for the CPLP’s mission and the desire, dedication, and work ethic to represent CPLP’s clients and to advance the legal practice of attorneys in their representation of clients.
  • Demonstrated attention to detail and excellence in verbal and written communication.
  • Demonstrated management and/or leadership skills to support and supervise staff in a positive, productive, and accountable manner and to lead staff in continuous quality improvement and implementation of best and promising practices.
  • The ability to communicate and function in an interdisciplinary team and a fast-paced and complex work environment.
  • Demonstrated multi-tasking, analytical, and leadership skills, with the ability to anticipate issues, discern priorities, and respond quickly when needed.

Salary range: $95,000 to $115,000 depending on experience. The attorney also would be eligible for all health and 401(k) benefits, and generous vacation policy.



$95,000 - $115,000 per year