Collier Consulting & Collier Geophysics Field Technician Stephenville, TX · Round Rock, TX · Lakewood, CO · Woburn, MA · Houston, TX · Oklahoma City, OK · Full time

Join the Collier family in the field!


HIGHLY MOTIVATED INDIVIDUALS NEEDED! Come join Collier on your path to become part of a team-oriented and rewarding experience. Working for Collier is bigger than just a job. It’s growth in oneself on your path to a sustainable career. Pride in knowing that what you do is aiding development of our nations’ infrastructure and need for sustainable water resources. The best part? No prior knowledge of geophysics required! Field work can be expected in all parts of the country. You must be physically fit; willing to work in variable weather conditions; field work in variable/rugged terrain, capable of carrying 30-50 pounds of equipment; swing a sledgehammer; and other physical activities. Project travel may be up to 75% of the time required for this position. All expenses paid for project travel. Overtime paid for >40-hour work week, which will occur.


$15 - $25 per hour