Coastal Light Counseling & Psychotherapy Brand Manager (Remote) Remote · Part time

Brand Manager/Senior Marketing Rep


The Brand Manager will serve as the point-person for developing, implementing and executing marketing initiatives and promotional activities for Coastal Light Counseling & Psychotherapy. These initiatives and activities will include campaigns (print, web, social media), events, book promotion, and publicity for both Coastal Light and our CEO (in her author, speaker, and media consultant roles), as a branch of the Coastal Light brand. 

Am I right for this role?

We are looking for a rockstar with a minimum of 3 years of demonstrated experience in:

Social Media Marketing, Video Editing & Production, Graphic Design, Web Design, Analytics. Marketing related to the publishing industry is preferred, but not required.

At Coastal Light Counseling & Psychotherapy, our team members must be warm and kind to all that they encounter.  We want all of our employees to find fulfillment in the role, and enhance our fun, connected, and positive-minded culture. We want you to be able to love what you do as much as we do, while finding joy in making a real impact & playing a meaningful role in the mission of Coastal Light. Our culture of love and light need to be authentically clear and present in all marketing efforts.

Integrity is a must. You must have a strong work ethic and hold true to the value and spirit that Coastal Light was built on. You must be diligent in following all procedures to the letter in order to avoid mistakes that could negatively impact patients and the reputation of the business. We expect you to ask numerous questions until you've mastered our processes, rather than wing it.

You must be a collaborator at heart. You will work closely with our leadership team to develop and lead strategy. Our focus is strong, sustainable growth, and this role is crucial to our success. 

We need someone who is highly tech savvy, specifically with iPhones and MacBooks (and has their own).

Responsibilities include (but are not limited to):

• Maintain Coastal Light's public image through marketing initiatives

• Oversee social media accounts to ensure brand consistency

• Develop and execute marketing campaigns aimed at growth

• Foster and leverage a network of referral partners and community advocates

• Complete research into industry trends and  develop custom marketing strategy

• Measure and report on the success of marketing campaigns

• Book Promotion for "Swimming with Sharks" and other works published by our Founder/CEO 

• Manage public relations for both Coastal Light, and our CEO, (author, speaker, and media consultant roles), as a branch of the Coastal Light brand

• Craft media releases and shape public perception of our CEO to increase awareness of her publications, work, and goals.

What is in it for you, other than job satisfaction?

• Competitive Pay

• Fully Remote (1 or 2 trips for photo ops or events may be required, but will be very rare)

• (This role is part time) Full-time employees are eligible for Health Benefits, including Medical Insurance, Dental & Vision Insurance, Short & Long-term Disability Insurance.

• We are family-focused, and we understand that healthy balance in life is vital. We want to support you in ensuring you maintain balance between work and family/home life.

• Multicultural acceptance and unconditional positive regard are cornerstones of the counseling profession. As an inclusive workplace, we are committed to practicing what we preach and seek to empower you to be your whole and authentic self!

NOTE: New hires will have a short probationary period prior to having access to full benefits. This role is Part-Time. The status will be reevaluated regularly and any transition to full time will be based on growth rates and performance level.

Education Requirements:

• 3+ years working in Marketing AND Social Media.

Additional minimum qualifications:

• Available during weekday working hours and collaborate after hours occasionally via chat/google meet for special projects.

• Excellent written (including grammar) and verbal communication skills

• We really like exclamation points! If you only use periods and not exclamation points, this probably isn't the practice for you! Seriously - we're totally not joking. Friendly communication is essential.

• Confident and secure enough to respond openly, not defensively, to feedback

• Ability to be non-judgmental and accepting

• Demonstrates an understanding of and values empathy

• Interpersonal and rapport-building skills

• Adaptability

• High level of self-awareness and willingness to learn/change

• High level of social-awareness and multi-cultural competency

• Conscientious and respectful of authority

• Humble, patient, & kind

• Must focus on their own physical, mental, & emotional health and reflect that in their daily lives

• A verbal filter - we only use language appropriate for the general population!

Preferred qualifications:

• Have attended counseling yourself to have a deeper understanding of the patient experience.

• Experience in brand promoting/social media in the medical/mental health industry.

• Experience in book promotion.

Please submit a PERSONALIZED cover letter (PDF format) with your resume (PDF format) via indeed. Also, please send a sample portfolio to [email protected]. Applications without all required docs will likely not be reviewed. If you're not interested enough in the job to read the whole posting, you wont be a good fit.


$22 - $28 per hour