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Seeking EOS Integrator for Fractional CMO training & executive placement company


You! Finally! At long last, we have found one another! 

You are a process-driven professional who loves to increase efficiency. You pride yourself on making sure your filters are swapped in your air conditioner every season, and your car gets an oil change as often as recommended by the manufacturer. You deeply enjoy watching all your processes execute with near perfection, like a watchmaker overlooking the finest Swiss movement. 

And when things don’t work the way they should, you’re eager to get in the middle of it all to figure out what needs to be fixed, tweaked, oiled or replaced. 

You’re also easy to talk to, have a sense of humor, and generally want what’s best for everyone

That’s why I’m so excited I found you! 

My name is Casey and I run this really wonderful company called CMOx. We’re the leading organization in educating and soon – placing fractional chief marketing officers. I’m a Wall Street Journal best-selling author, and have built a great team to support me in educating marketers to become in-demand fractional CMOs and get those CMOs placed inside of organizations. 

We’re a fully remote team, though I live with my wife and kids in Philadelphia. 

For the last 16 months or so, we’ve been running an EOS-driven organization. We use and have L10’s for every department. I’m a bit of an EOS fanboy. I drank and continue to drink the kool aid.

Over the last few years, I’ve been honored to be supported by my personal-assistant-turned-operations-guy who has blossomed into becoming a deadly effective coach. He’s one of my favorite people AND part of his growth is to spend more time coaching and less time in the Integrator/operations role. As he turns his focus more intently on his passion, I’m looking to formalize the Integrator role in our company so we can strap more thrusters to our rocket ship. 

We have comprehensive systems and documentation in the business, though everything has room to level up (probably a few times!). 

Here are some of the KPIs you’ll need to track and work to influence:

  • Membership Retention
  • Testimonials
  • Members’ Annualized Revenue Increase

The Integrator role also:

  • Runs the Service L10
  • Attends the EL10
  • Leads Service Standups M-F
  • Hire, train, manage service team members (coaches and administrators – we have job descriptions and all roles currently filled)
  • Support in planning/producing/finalizing the coaching events/content for each month
  • Running 1-3 additional calls per-week for members, to start, and possibly offloading this responsibility in 6-12 months to another team member
  • Interview members for Member Spotlights, Testimonials (1-2 a week)
  • Optimize Member Experience and Improve Retention including taking salvage calls with members
  • Ensure timely replies to member’s questions, etc

You’ll see we’re looking for someone who “owns” the success of the Service department and the operations of the business at-large. 

As we grow the marketing department, you’ll own that. We have a head-of-sales and head-of-tech, and a financial analyst who serves as a fractional CFO. 

You’re a perfect fit because of your emotional intelligence, and your desire to improve yourself every day. You’re curious and learn how things work. You are comfortable disagreeing and holding your ground, and you’re open to feedback and constructive criticism. You know how to apologize and own your mistakes. You’re a kind, compassionate, and determined leader. 

Above all, you want to do your part to make CMOx the #1 source for fractional CMO education and fractional CMO placement. You’re eager to be on the same mission as us and you’re all-in. 

Always Enthusiastic, Always Positive – You know your attitude defines your altitude. You’re enthusiastic about life and the work you do. You have a positive, cheerful attitude. People like when you’re around because you bring positivity, enthusiasm, and focus. 

Solve Bigger Problems – You look for the systemic issue and solve it there. You’re always looking to increase efficiency and speed. The bigger the problem you can identify, the more impact the solution will provide; you look for the big ones while managing the small ones. 

Get In the Foxhole – There are no outsiders in our organization, only people who trust and believe in us. Our team, members, partners, and vendors have the confidence to work together with us to overcome obstacles and achieve great results.

World Class Everything – How we do anything reflects how we do everything. Our commitment and responsibility as industry leaders is to set the standard of excellence with every email that we write, every plan we create, every interaction that we have. Sneaking this in here... When you apply, be sure to write at the top of your cover letter "Let me help you get traction!" We lead by example and hold ourselves and the teams we lead accountable to this standard in order to elevate the impact we have on our clients, their customers and the communities that we serve together.

Community Consciousness – Our team pulls big levers for our clients. That means we must work to recognize our blind spots, consider how our decisions impact our communities, and lead with integrity to create the most value with the least harm. We’re committed to listening and acting in service of creating a world in which the humanity and wellbeing of all people are valued.

Minimum qualifications:

  • 5+ years of experience in leadership roles for marketing and/or technology companies
  • Collaborative nature
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Highly organized with a keen eye for detail and execution
  • Proven ability to think strategically, solve problems creatively, and implement solutions

Preferred qualifications:

  • Broad mix of start-up to medium-sized software company preferred
  • Coaching experience a big plus (you’ve coached others)
  • Knowledge of, or willingness to leverage the EOS framework and tools

If this is interesting, please share your cover letter including a link to a 5-minute or shorter Loom video of your face sharing why you think you're a great fit for this role and your relevant experience.


$70,000 - $85,000 per year