BSR Physical Therapy Physical Therapist Barnegat, NJ · Full time

BSR Physical Therapy is seeking a full-time physical therapist to join our team in Barnegat. The ideal candidate has a growth mindset and is seeking clinical mentorship.


The Mission: The mission for the physical therapist at BSR is to grow oneself professionally; foster a therapeutic alliance; and help the people of our community resolve pain or improve their health before trying medications, injections, or surgery.

Expected Outcomes: Physical therapist key result areas include excellence in patient outcomes (>60th Percentile Rank), therapeutic alliance, and operational efficiency (10-12 patient visits per day).


  • Calm under pressure: Maintains stable performance when under stress.
  • Efficiency: Able to produce significant results with minimal wasted effort.
  • Enthusiasm: Passion and excitement for work with a “can do” attitude.
  • Empathetic: Able to understand and appropriately respond to other people's emotions.
  • Flexibility: Adjusts quickly and copes effectively to changing priorities and conditions.
  • Humility: Emphasizes team over self and defines success collectively rather than individually.
  • Hunger: Always looking for more things to do, learn, and more responsibility to take on.
  • Listening skills: Lets others speak and seeks to understand their viewpoints.
  • Analytical: Able to structure and process qualitative and quantitative data and draw insightful conclusions.
  • Coachable: Seeks out and willingly accepts feedback from others.
  • Excellence-Oriented: Expects individual and team performance to be nothing short of the best.
  • Growth-Minded: A love for learning and resilience that is essential for great accomplishment.
  • Proactive: Acts without being told what to do.
  • Work Ethic: Strong willingness to work hard and sometimes long hours to achieve desired results.

Compensation and Benefits:

  • Competitive salary based on organizational fit and clinical ladder.
  • Monthly incentive plan.
  • Health, dental, and vision insurance benefits.
  • 401(K) with employer match.
  • Employer-paid continuing education including option for APTA credentialed residency training.
  • Clinical mentoring onsite.
  • 5 weeks of paid time off per year.


$75,000 - $85,000 per year