Bright Spark Brewing Taproom Supervisor Ventura, CA · Full time

Taproom Supervisor (TS) reports directly to the Taproom Manager (TM) while working closely with the Kitchen Manager (KM) and ownership to help represent and enhance the guest experience and culture of Bright Spark Brewing!


Bright Spark Brewing is hiring! With the goal of creating a warm, welcoming community space with something for everyone, Bright Spark looks forward to opening in the fall of 2022. 4561 Market Street is on its way to being transformed, with Suite A (originally home to Ventura's first brewery, Surf Brewing) and Suite C (a former cafe and dinner theatre), being combined to create a brewery, restaurant, and game lounge. 

Our Bright Spark team is committed to our CORE VALUES: 





Please read more about our CORE VALUES here. If these Core Values resonate with you, then we encourage you to apply to become part of our team.

Bright Spark Taproom Supervisor Job Description:

Taproom Supervisor (TS) reports directly to the Taproom Manager (TM) while working closely with the Kitchen Manager (KM) and ownership to help represent and enhance the guest experience and culture of Bright Spark Brewing.

The primary responsibilities of the TS will be to assist the TM in managing daily taproom activities, employees, and retail sales. This position supervises beertenders while checking in with guests and team members to ensure all Bright Spark Core Values are met. During busy times, assist team members with service to maintain a high guest experience. When service is more manageable, the TS circulates the building to engage with guests, bus dishes, maintain a tidy environment, and complete any tasks delegated to them by ownership. 

These tasks may include managing service flow, IT troubleshooting, draft maintenance, community outreach, and/or taproom physical marketing.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

- Closely follow and assist in updating Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for all front-of-house/retail procedures, including point of sale (POS), Cash Handling, IT/Internet Troubleshooting, Music/TV, Beer/Food Service, Incident Reporting, Organizational Reporting, and Employee/Culture Handbook.

- Work with TM and KM to implement an ongoing training program for front-of-house staff.

- Lead beertender staff during shift to work efficiently and provide an excellent guest experience

-Constantly analyze service flow to identify any lack of efficiency or opportunities for improvement.

- Act as an embodiment of Bright Spark Core Values, leading team members by example in their execution and ensuring all team morale stays high whenever on site. 

- Delegate side-work to team members during slower hours to keep the taproom/restaurant clean and organized.

- Effectively break team members as needed throughout service.

- Understand proper reporting to Ownership, TM, and KM in the event of an emergency.

- Assist with a weekly inventory of retail items, including kegged beer, glassware, crowler cans/drinkware, merchandise, etc. 

- Assist TM with reporting monthly Accounting Period Closes, and reviewing monthly PnLs. 

- Ensure staff is appropriately trained and supported in executing POS functions, cash handling, beer/food knowledge, and guest service.

- Complete incident reports for all taproom incidents – emailed to TM and ownership to file.

- IT troubleshooting point of contact for staff in the event TM or ownership is not on-site, including Wi-Fi, POS, Entertainment Systems, etc.

- Assist with draft maintenance, including keeping kegerators clean and organized, knowledge of basic troubleshooting for the draft system, glass rinsers, crowler machine, and dishwasher. 

- Assist with managing a proper cycle of on-display merchandise.

- Assist Expo station to ensure proper service flow out of the kitchen.


- Handle all situations in the taproom/restaurant positively and directly.

- Report to ownership if any situations or incidents arise that are out of the ordinary or could negatively affect the image of Bright Spark.

- Display leadership skills, leading by example, making sure the taproom is running efficiently. 

- Ability to perform tasks required in a positive manner and with an upbeat attitude.

- Keep guest experience standards high and maintain that the staff stays busy during downtimes.

- Any delegated duties are done in an accurate and timely manner.


- 5-6 days/week, including evenings and weekends. 

- Floor supervision and office hours. 

Pay & Benefits: 

- 21-26 $/hr, depending on experience. 

- Benchmarks for bonuses

- Paid time off

- Beer benefits & employee discount


$21 - $26 per hour