Boss Babe Early Learning Center Lead Teachers Eastpointe, MI · Full time

A lead teacher is responsible for managing the classroom and ensuring a positive learning environment for students. Their key duties typically include: 1. **Planning and Implementing Curriculum**: Developing lesson plans and instructional materials that align with educational standards and meet the needs of all students. 2. **Classroom Management**: Establishing and enforcing rules for behavior and procedures for maintaining order among students. 3. **Assessment and Evaluation**: Assessing students' progress through tests, observations, and other assessment methods, and providing feedback to students, parents, and administrators. 4. **Mentoring and Support**: Providing guidance and support to assistant teachers and other classroom staff, helping them to improve their teaching skills and strategies. 5. **Communication**: Maintaining open lines of communication with parents, guardians, and school administration to discuss students' progress and any issues that arise. 6. **Professional Development**: Participating in ongoing training and development opportunities to stay current with best practices in education and to improve their teaching skills. 7. **Creating a Safe and Inclusive Environment**: Ensuring that the classroom is a safe and welcoming place for all students, promoting inclusivity and respect among students. A lead teacher plays a crucial role in shaping the educational experiences and outcomes for their students, making their position integral to the success of the school.


Lead Teacher duties and responsibilities

• Establishing and enforcing rules of behavior for students in the classroom

• Preparing lessons, units and projects to complete learning objectives

• Establishing and communicating clear objectives for lessons, units and projects

• Adapting teaching methods and materials to meet the interests and learning styles of students

• Encouraging students to explore learning opportunities and career paths

• Creating, assigning and grading various assessments for students, including tests, quizzes, essays and projects

• Working with students one-on-one when they need extra help or attention

• Tracking and evaluating student academic progress

• Leading parent-teacher meetings

• Maintaining positive relationships with students, parents, coworkers and supervisors

• Managing student behavior

• Creating a safe, respectful and inclusive classroom environment

• Communicating regularly with parents

• Helping students improve study methods and habits

• Administering tests to evaluate students’ progress

Job Requirements

3yrs Early Childhood Education Experience

Degree in Early Childhood Education

Valid CDA Credentials (preferred)

CPR Certfication (required)


Benefits Package including Medical, Dental, and Vision Coverage

Flexible Schedules

NO Weekends or Holidays