BME Strategies Emergency Preparedness Associate Consultant Boston, MA · Full time

POSITION OVERVIEW The Emergency Preparedness Associate Consultant (EPAC) provides planning, training, and administrative support to BME Strategies, a Massachusetts-based public health consulting firm. The EPAC serves client needs by focusing on the construction of emergency preparedness planning documents, conducting exercises and trainings, developing and analyzing client data, and compiling and presenting correspondence and reports. This person works directly with clients as the primary lead for consulting projects. The EPAC also serves as a liaison between community agencies, institutions, providers and coalitions, as assigned by the Director of Public Health at BME to fulfill the goals of the firm.



  • Lead the design and construction of emergency preparedness planning documents, conducting exercises and training, and building response capacity of clients.
  • Regularly liaise and develop relationships with local and state stakeholders for emergency preparedness and public health.
  • Support needs-assessments for health promotion and disease and disability prevention programs for local municipalities and strategize appropriate interventions for meeting these needs.
  • Assist local public health departments with the completion of federally mandated emergency preparedness deliverables.
  • Assist with the development of policies, procedures, and protocols for public health services in consultation with staff.
  • Develop and coordinate health education programs and materials.
  • Establish, maintain, and update files, databases, records, and/or other documents.
  • Perform regular analyses of collected emergency preparedness data to provide actionable information to local and state decision makers.
  • Assist with social marketing efforts and community education programs, as assigned.
  • Coordinate monthly Advisory Board meetings, including notification of members, production of meeting packets, and taking minutes.
  • Collaborate with regional emergency preparedness and hospital coordinators, public health coalitions, hospitals, HMCCs, MA Responds representatives and other planning and regional response partners to identify gaps in volunteer needs and assure MRC support with local and regional protocols, plans, and coalitions.
  • Attend local public health events (such as flu clinics) and tabletop exercises as requested by participating communities.
  • Complete all state and federal reporting requirements.
  • Perform other appropriate functions as assigned.


  • The EPAC should have emergency preparedness planning experience.
  • A Master’s degree in public health or a related field is strongly preferred but not required.
  • A valid driver’s license and residence in Massachusetts or Southern New Hampshire are required.
  • The position requires excellent oral and written communication skills and organizational skills.


$70,500 - $79,000 per year