Beyonder Camp Regional Manager - Central Region Lakewood, CO · Remote · Full time

Beyonder Camp is seeking experienced business professionals to coach and lead managers of our campgrounds to success, to hold them accountable to budgets and expectations, and to help them create memorable guest experiences in our family of Campgrounds, RV Resorts, and Marinas.


Our Central Region currently includes properties in: Iowa, Indiana, Missouri, and Louisiana. Residence in one of these states is not required and travel will be required with this role.

Beyonder Camp is actively seeking a Regional Manager to help us fulfill our mission of bringing 5-Star experiences to our growing family of Campgrounds, RV Resorts, and Marinas. Beyonder Camp is changing the way we appreciate the outdoors and travel, throughout the country, creating outstanding and memorable guest experiences, and creating legacies with our team members.

Our ideal candidate is a growth-minded professional with experience leading businesses to success, to grow Beyonder Camp into a reputable brand and a household name. Ideal candidates would be familiar with, and excellent candidates would be experienced in outdoor hospitality and campground management. Independence and autonomy are key traits of a successful Regional Managers.

Your responsibilities would involve leading the managers of our outdoor hospitality properties to success, with focuses on increasing revenue streams, reducing overhead and expenses, building culture within our teams, and developing our staff. BEYONDER Camp has a goal to manage and partner with hundreds of outdoor hospitality destinations in the next 5 years. We have an aggressive growth strategy and there will be ample opportunity for upward movement within our company. Please apply to meet with us and learn more.

Job Qualifications:

·      Prior experience managing teams and business operations is required.

o   Prior experience leading multiple locations within a region or territory is preferred.

·      Ideal candidates are strong leaders who are self-motivated and who have a desire to exceed expectations.

·      Experience creating and adhering to budgets is mandatory.

·      Must have experience in interpreting financial statements, identifying trends, and taking corrective action when budgets are not moving accordingly with plans.

·      Hospitality experience preferred.

·      Experience leading and coaching other managers is preferred.

·      Organizational skills to set priorities, monitor progress, and react to changing circumstances and to assist in problem-solving and decision-making. 

·      Exceptional interpersonal skills and experience.

·      Ability to work as a team member and to work independently when required. 

Job Requirements: 

·      Property Staffing – The Regional Manager is responsible for properly staffing Beyonder properties within their region with General Managers, as needed, to assist on-site managers with forecasting their own staffing needs, and to provide support in hiring and onboarding, as needed. The Regional Manager shall regularly assess the staffing needs of the properties within their responsibility to ensure all necessary roles are filled and that seasonal adjustments are made timely, to remain within budget constraints. The Regional Manager will lead the on-site manager in producing the staff schedule, reviewing timecards, and approving payroll.

·      Coaching and Performance - The Regional Manager is responsible for identifying Property Performance Indicators (PPI) with the General Managers they lead and holding them accountable to meeting their goals. The Regional Manager will be expected to travel and be on-site in underperforming properties to assist with their speedy recovery.

·      Marketing and Public Relations – The Regional Manager is responsible for maintaining public relations, outside relations with guests, and the community. The Regional Manager or their designee will be responsible for disseminating important information and promotions, overseeing a regularly scheduled calendar of events, promoting them to the public, and interfacing with feedback.

·      Guest Relations – The Regional Manager must understand and have a working knowledge of the systems and processes involved in the Guest Relations section. The Regional Manager will lead on-site managers toward our goal of 5-Star guest experiences.

·      Maintenance and Construction – The Regional Manager must have knowledge of the necessary services and maintenance needs of the properties we serve. This will require basic knowledge of construction processes and project management, ranging from small repairs to systems overhauls, and new construction.

Employment Information: 

·      Employment Type: Full-Time.

·      Travel is required and may occur regularly. The Regional Manager will travel to newly onboarded properties and assist the Onboarding Manager with the property's staffing, systems, and operation. Assignments may range from between 14 to 30 days.

·      Salary and benefits offered will be commensurate with experience.

·      Salary: $50,000.00 - $70,000.00 per year

·      Benefits:

o   Health insurance

o   Paid time off

o   Free campsite or accommodation at properties

·      Schedule:

o   A dynamic and variable schedule throughout the week

o   Weekend availability a must

·      Supplemental pay types:

o   Bonuses available


$50,000 - $70,000 per year