Autism Society of Minnesota (AuSM) Cabin Support Person Lake George, MN · Part time

The Autism Society of Minnesota (AuSM) is seeking several Cabin Support People to lead and supervise campers at AuSM's Camp Discovery in Lake George, MN.


A Cabin Support Person (CSP) serves as a direct support to autistic campers in collaboration with other camp counselors and staff. CSPs must have experience working with autistic people ages 6 and up. A CSP is responsible for reading camper packets and communicating with families before camp to answer family questions and to know our campers before they arrive. They participate in camp alongside campers and other staff and meet with on-site camp directors every night after campers have gone to bed.

Responsibilities and Duties

Before Camp:

  • Review camper information packets and familiarize yourself with the needs of incoming campers.
  • Call the parents/guardians of each camper at least ten days before the start of camp. Answer any clarifying questions, confirm drop-off and pick-up dates and times, and address parental concerns.
  • Participate in pre-service training at camp the day before each session begins.

During Camp:

  • Meet parents/guardians during camper arrival and check-in.
  • Act as a mentor to cabin counselors.
  • Follow the schedule and participate in all activities.
  • Implement proactive strategies that support autistic campers, help campers to self-regulate, and intervene if moods or behaviors indicate a need for help.
  • If illness, injury, or rules violations occur, address the situation at hand and then notify the on-site directors
  • Maintain camper safety, including ensuring that campers receive any prescribed medications and/or special dietary meals.
  • Facilitate the working team relationship between True Friends camp staff and AuSM camp staff.
  • Be a fun, engaged, enthusiastic, supportive, inclusive, and encouraging role model to all campers and staff.
  • Remember and role model that camper needs always come first.
  • Attend CSP and Director meetings each night after campers go to bed.
  • Complete any paperwork requested by the on-site directors: Camper Illness/Injury Form, Incident Report, Camp Evaluations, etc.
  • Help maintain a clean and orderly cabin space.
  • Communicate your needs to the on-site directors.

Last Day of Camp:

  • Return all camper packets to the designated camp filing box! 
  • Assist campers in packing up belongings, preventing lost and found as much as possible.
  • Assist in cleaning all cabin common areas.
  • Participate in camper pick-up, answering parent questions and sending campers home happy.
  • Pack personal belongings.
  • Participate in post-camp evaluations, including completion of parent feedback forms.

Qualifications and Skills

AuSM has a strong preference for candidates with experience serving autistic youth and adults in an inclusive school or camp-based setting, including:

  • Respect for the dignity of every human being.
  • Experience working with autistic people ages 6 and up.
  • Working knowledge of ASD and best support practices.
  • Experience facilitating groups.
  • Ability to collaborate with other camp staff and lead by example.
  • Effective communication and organizational skills.
  • Friendly, encouraging, compassionate, reflective, patient, and fun-loving.
  • A team player with a good sense of humor who engages all campers and staff.

About the Autism Society of Minnesota

The Autism Society of Minnesota (AuSM) exists to enhance the lives of individuals and families affected by autism spectrum disorder (ASD), with a fundamental commitment to advocacy, education, support, collaboration, and community building. 

About Camp Discovery

AuSM Camps serve autistic children and adults of all abilities. Camp Discovery, held at True Friend’s Courage North in Lake George, MN, is an overnight camp. The staff-to-camper ratio is 1:4. To attend, campers must be able and willing to stay with their group during camp activities and be independent in activities of daily living (toileting, dressing, bathing, etc.). AuSM offers two sessions of this camp each June:

  • Session #1 (Sunday, June 18th – Thursday, June 22nd) is for campers ages 15+
  • Session #2 (Sunday, June 25th – Thursday, June 29th) is for campers ages 10-14


Cabin Support Professionals will receive a stipend of $600 for each session worked.


$600 - $600 per week