Aspen Creek Assisted Living - Riverside Clinical Director Soldotna, AK · Full time

Aspen Creek is looking for an RN, or LPN, to fill the role of Clinical Director


Department:  Clinical Care Services

Reports to:  Administrator 

Description of Position:

The Director of Clinical Care works as a liaison between residents, resident families, and staff. The Clinical Director duties include overseeing resident care plans and medication management, education/training, and coordinating all medical needs of the residents.  The Clinical Director must be an RN. 

Staffing Pattern:

The community has one Clinical Director position.  This is the chief supervisory position for the individuals who provide primary care to their resident assignment.

Responsibilities of the Clinical Director:

Care plans and Medication management & Coordination

●      Works in conjunction with the Quality Care Manager to review and approve schedules and assignments for the med-tech staff.

●      Ensure proper medical staff-to-resident ratios are met at all times and are within the budgetary requirements.

●      Conduct 30-day and 4-month re-assessments for each resident.

●      Ensure that the delivery of medical services are consistent with prepared care plans.

●      Ensure that care plans are scored or categorized appropriately so residents can be billed appropriately. Work with the controller to ensure that the rates that residents are charged are aligned with care plan scoring or categorization. 

●      Coordinate and communicate with staff and other departments to ensure successful resident outcomes.

●      Supervise resident medications, working with and supervising Medication Aides. 

●      Coordinate care planning with home health agencies on site, working within community policy.

●      Coordinate admissions with the Executive Director and Assistant Executive Director including supervising move-ins to be sure accommodations are as desired, new residents are welcomed to the community, and care is properly, seamlessly, and immediately implemented.

●      Participate in and/or conduct resident admission assessments and interviews.

●      Arrange for resident special needs involving other departments, verifying follow through.

Education & Training

●      Participate in conferences and service plan meetings.

●      Coordinate staff training and in-service schedules with the Executive Director.

Management & Compliance

●      Ensure med-tech staff are able to work in a cohesive, positive environment where they feel supported and valued.

●      Attend the weekly IDT meeting.

●      Med-tech scheduling and resident assignments, working within the department allowances.

●      Immediately bring prohibited conditions or at-risk residents in need of a higher level of care to the attention of the Administrator.

●      Function as a liaison with families ensuring special needs/requests/complaints are addressed. Inform the Administrator of all family or resident complaints.

●      Monitor medical staff performance, providing or arranging assistance as needed.

●      Read all communication notes regarding the community between shifts.

●      Review and submit critical incident reports.

●      Develop a sound operating budget for the medical department and ensure that the medical department adheres to the budget. 

●      Other duties as assigned.


$80,000 - $100,000 per year