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The Operations + Office Manager will play a central role in orchestrating daily administrative operations, ensuring a seamless and efficient workflow.


Job Title: Operations + Office Manager

Reports to: Chief of Staff

Position Type: Full Time, Exempt

Annual Salary: $58,000-65,000/yearly

Benefits: Medical, Dental, Vision, Flexible Paid Time Off in addition to 10 Paid Holidays, 401k Match

Schedule: 80 hours per 2-week pay period. Paid every two weeks.

Location: Portland, Oregon. 

Position Description

The Operations + Office Manager will play a central role in orchestrating daily administrative operations, ensuring a seamless and efficient workflow. This encompasses overseeing office supplies and inventory management, supervising administrative staff, and serving as the primary point of contact for internal inquiries, fostering effective communication within the organization. Additionally, responsibilities extend to coordinating meetings, conferences, and events, involving logistics such as room bookings, catering, and audiovisual requirements.

In the realm of accounting, the Office Manager takes on the role of a financial steward, overseeing crucial aspects of the organization's fiscal health. This includes accurately issuing invoices, recording payments with precision, and collaborating with relevant departments for precise billing. Direct client interfacing is also a significant aspect, as the Office Manager serves as the primary contact for client inquiries related to invoices and financial matters, emphasizing clear and timely communication to foster positive client relationships.

Beyond traditional office management and accounting duties, the Operations + Office Manager assumes a leadership role on the Publications team. Overseeing Project Managers, this role involves managing all aspects of production related to the physical details of publication titles. Project Managers act as key coordinators between Artslandia and external vendors, including printers, designers, shippers/delivery services, and performing arts partners. The Operations + Office Manager ensures the efficiency of the Publications team by supervising Project Managers, maintaining high standards for publication-related materials, and facilitating smooth communication within the team.

As a point of contact for Project Managers, the Operations + Office Manager provides guidance, support, and fosters a collaborative environment within the team. This role serves as a crucial link between the Publications team and the broader organizational structure, ensuring seamless coordination and integration of publication production processes. In this hierarchical structure, Project Managers within the Publications team report to and answer to the Operations + Office Manager, creating an efficient communication channel.

Education Experience

Bachelor’s Degree Preferred


  • Strong leadership and operational expertise
  • Strategic planning, resource management, and process improvement
  • Proficiency in overseeing day-to-day operations and managing budgets
  • Project management skills to supervise the Publications team
  • Efficient coordination with external vendors for publication logistics
  • Detail-oriented and customer service-driven
  • Excellent communication, problem-solving, and team management skills
  • Strong organizational and administrative capabilities
  • Ability to address operational risks and implement quality control processes
  • Pivotal role in integrating operational and office management, including oversight of the Publications team

Hiring Timeline: Until filled

To apply

Send your resume and a cover letter addressed to Annabella Showerman, Chief of Staff, Rampant Creative, Inc.

About Rampant Creative, Inc. (DBA Artslandia + En Face Magazine)

Rampant Creative serves as the visionary parent company, overseeing the dynamic entities of Artslandia and En Face Magazine. Within this exceptional trio, Rampant Creative stands as a strategic guide, providing a framework for innovation and growth. Artslandia, a cultural powerhouse, is dedicated to promoting and celebrating all things arts and culture in the amazing city of Portland, Oregon, while En Face Magazine, under the umbrella of Rampant Creative, captures hearts with its distinctive approach to celebrating and elevating ballet across the nation. En Face Magazine is not only a beacon of creative excellence but is also actively engaged in building a valuable niche ballet network of publications. This strategic initiative aligns with our commitment to the arts, fostering a community of ballet enthusiasts through insightful publications that delve into the intricacies of this exquisite art form. As we collectively embark on a journey of national growth, joining Rampant Creative, Artslandia, and En Face Magazine means becoming an integral part of a visionary team shaping the narrative of success in a dynamic and innovative environment


$58,000 - $62,000 per year