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Artslandia is on the hunt for a dynamic and results-oriented arts editor who is not only adept at managing both our print and digital content but also brings a fresh perspective to our social media presence.


Job Title: Arts Editor

Reports to: Marketing + Communications Director

Position Type: .75 FTE

Annual Salary: $40,000-45,000/yearly

Schedule: 60 hours per 2-week pay period. Paid every two weeks.

This position is in office.

Location: Portland, Oregon. 

Position Description:

Artslandia is on the hunt for a dynamic and results-oriented arts editor who is not only adept at managing both our print and digital content but also brings a fresh perspective to our social media presence. This pivotal role encompasses the oversight of editorial planning, inventive content creation, active audience engagement across platforms, and effective collaboration with diverse teams. We're in search of a visionary implementer who thrives on transforming innovative ideas into impactful projects that resonate with our audience.

As our Arts Editor, your mission will include the comprehensive planning of editorial content across all Artslandia channels, crafting and submitting plans for review, and keeping a steady 12-month editorial outlook. You'll steer the daily editorial operations, set clear workflows, lead editorial meetings, and ensure the entire company is aligned with our editorial vision.

Content creation lies at the heart of this role, with an expectation to regularly deliver at least three compelling monthly editorial features. This involves proactive planning, strict adherence to deadlines, collaboration with designers and project managers, overseeing proofreading practices, and managing the details of photo shoots for captivating visual storytelling.

Your responsibilities will extend to maintaining the Artslandia Style Guide, ensuring all content aligns with our policies, style, and tone. Enhancing audience engagement will be a key focus, requiring you to dive into readership analytics, identify trends, and craft strategies that elevate the user experience across both traditional and social media platforms.

Moreover, you'll be expected to foster innovation in reader engagement, tackle editorial challenges proactively, and work in concert with marketing, sales, and design departments to ensure editorial strategies complement the broader objectives of the company. This includes participation in cross-departmental meetings, contributing to the collective success of our organization.

This role also encompasses crisis management, editorial team mentorship and development, and leveraging analytics to understand content performance, reader engagement, and audience insights in-depth.

If you're a forward-thinking strategist, an effective problem solver, and have a passion for crafting engaging editorial content that spans across print, online. Social media channels, we welcome you to apply. This position promises the chance to significantly impact the growth and success of Artslandia while thriving in a vibrant and creative environment.


Education Experience

Bachelor’s Degree Preferred

Required Qualifications

  • Expert knowledge of Ballet and performing arts.
  • Proven experience in editorial planning and content creation.
  • Strong project management skills with the ability to control schedules and enforce deadlines.
  • Creative thinking and innovation in engaging readers.
  • Excellent communication and collaboration skills.
  • Familiarity with proofreading procedures and style guides.
  • Ability to resolve editorial issues promptly.
  • Experience in managing photo shoots and coordinating with designers.
  • Networking skills to collaborate with publishing partners and attend events.
  • Budget management and personnel supervision experience.

Beneficial Qualifications

  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Proven ability to lead and develop high-performing teams.
  • Strategic thinker with strong analytical skills.
  • High level of integrity.

Hiring Timeline: Until Filled

To apply

Please send your resume and cover letter to Bella Showerman, Chief of Staff of Rampant Creative, Inc.

By Email: [email protected]

About Rampant Creative, Inc. (DBA Artslandia + En Face Magazine)

Rampant Creative serves as the visionary parent company, overseeing the dynamic entities of Artslandia and En Face Magazine. Within this exceptional trio, Rampant Creative is a strategic guide, providing a framework for innovation and growth. Artslandia, a cultural powerhouse, is dedicated to promoting and celebrating all things arts and culture in the fantastic city of Portland, Oregon. At the same time, En Face Magazine, under the umbrella of Rampant Creative, captures hearts with its distinctive approach to celebrating and elevating ballet nationwide. En Face Magazine is not only a beacon of creative excellence but is also actively engaged in building a valuable niche ballet network of publications. This strategic initiative aligns with our commitment to the arts, fostering a community of ballet enthusiasts through insightful publications that delve into the intricacies of this exquisite art form. As we embark on a journey of national growth, joining Rampant Creative, Artslandia, and En Face Magazine means becoming an integral part of a visionary team, shaping the narrative of success in a dynamic and innovative environment.


$40,000 - $45,000 per year