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Artslandia Magazine and En Face Magazine are currently seeking enthusiastic and dynamic individuals to join our team as Advertising Sales Representatives - Contract Position


Job Title: Advertising Sales Representative

Reports to: Sales Manager

Position Type: Contract 

Compensation: Commission

Estimated year-one $65,000 to $100,000 for dedicated full-time efforts.

Year two brings the potential to earn $150,000 to $250,000+

Location: Remote.

Position Description

Artslandia Magazine and En Face Magazine are currently seeking enthusiastic and dynamic individuals to join our team as Advertising Sales Representatives. In this role, you will be instrumental in fostering client relationships, identifying leads, and driving sales revenues  to contribute significantly to the overall success of our publications.

Client Engagement and Satisfaction

As a Publisher's Representative, you will be responsible for maintaining regular communication with clients in the market area to ensure high levels of satisfaction. Your role will involve resolving customer complaints by thoroughly investigating problems, developing effective solutions, and providing insightful recommendations to management.

Sales Activities

A critical aspect of your position will be to generate leads and consistently secure new business through the implementation of effective sales strategies. You will conduct compelling sales presentations for a diverse range of prospective clients and meticulously plan and organize your daily work schedule to engage with existing or potential sales opportunities. Researching clients and sales strategies will be essential to maximize sales opportunities.

Relationship Building

Building and maintaining relationships are at the core of your responsibilities. You will visit clients and potential clients to evaluate their needs and actively promote our products and services. Expanding and nurturing existing client relationships throughout the entire sales cycle will be crucial, and you will be expected to answer client inquiries regarding credit terms, products, prices, and availability.

Sales Process Management

Your role involves managing pipelines in accordance with instructions and guidelines, adhering to rules on premium placement as established by company leadership. Reporting directly to the Sales Manager, you will keep them informed with any questions or concerns related to the sales process.

Contract Management

In this capacity, you will prepare and submit sales contracts for orders through Media OS, negotiating all contracts with prospective clients. Your ability to develop proposals that align with clients' business objectives will be key to success in this area.


Your role will include keeping management informed by regularly submitting activity and results reports and ensuring transparency and accountability in your responsibilities as a Publisher's Representative.


Education Experience

Bachelor’s Degree Preferred

Required Qualifications

Exemplary organizational, planning, and coordination skills, with demonstrated ability to respond quickly to changing priorities

Ability to take initiative to develop and manage projects and work independently or as a part of a team

Ability to proactively seek supervisory input as well as resources and information to accomplish the job.

Proven experience working efficiently and accurately with multiple deliverables.

Capacity to manage delicate or difficult situations and the ability to work with challenging individuals.

Flexibility in balancing tasks, planning, and long-term projects.

Familiarity with financial forecasting.

Beneficial Qualifications

Successful track record in media or publishing sales

  • Effective communication skills
  • Expertise in client relationship management
  • Strong negotiation abilities
  • Organizational proficiency
  • Strategic thinking
  • Tech-savviness
  • Proactive problem-solving skills
  • Networking acumen
  • Adaptability to training
  • Motivation to thrive in a dynamic, target-driven environment

To apply:  Please submit resume to Annabella Showerman, Chief of Staff

By email: [email protected]

Questions? Reach out via email to [email protected]

About Rampant Creative, Inc. (DBA Artslandia + En Face Magazine)

Rampant Creative serves as the visionary parent company, overseeing the dynamic entities of Artslandia and En Face Magazine. Within this exceptional trio, Rampant Creative stands as a strategic guide, providing a framework for innovation and growth. Artslandia, a cultural powerhouse, is dedicated to promoting and celebrating all things arts and culture in the amazing city of Portland, Oregon, while En Face Magazine, under the umbrella of Rampant Creative, captures hearts with its distinctive approach to celebrating and elevating ballet across the nation. En Face Magazine is not only a beacon of creative excellence but is also actively engaged in building a valuable niche ballet network of publications. This strategic initiative aligns with our commitment to the arts, fostering a community of ballet enthusiasts through insightful publications that delve into the intricacies of this exquisite art form. As we collectively embark on a journey of national growth, joining Rampant Creative, Artslandia, and En Face Magazine means becoming an integral part of a visionary team shaping the narrative of success in a dynamic and innovative environment.


$65,000 - $100,000 per year