Apt Urgent Care Licensed Medical Radiology Technician Manvel, TX · Part time

Looking for two part-time candidates responsible for providing compassionate patient care services for clinic patients of all ages under supervision of the clinical provider. Certified to operate advanced digital mobile x-ray equipment and perform x-rays as requested by clinical providers. Perform medical assistant tasks including assist in front desk duties. Demonstrate wonderful energetic personality towards coworkers and patients alike.


Supervisor:  Idris Shoaga, PA

Supervisory Responsibilities: Participate in training medical assistant clinical students and provide teaching to high school students.

Major Responsibilities/Tasks:  

1. Assesses the patient's general condition and takes vital signs and weight.   

  1. Maintains exam rooms for necessary supplies and materials.  Ensures cleanliness. Prepares list of medical supplies needed.  Prepares equipment and aids physicians during treatment, examination and testing of patients.
  2. Educates patients/family about diagnostic procedures, nutrition and maintenance of health and wellness.

4. Greets patients and prepares them for physician examination.  Screens patients for appropriate information.  Instructs patients in collection of samples and point-of-care tests. 

5. Maintains/reviews patient records, charts and other pertinent information. Records tests and examination results in the patient's chart.

  1. Responds to/refers incoming patient treatment-related phone calls. Instructs patients and family regarding medications and treatment instructions.
  2. Maintains patient confidentiality.
  3. Assist with receptionist/front desk duties.
  4. Possess fundamental training and knowledge of the operateration of an advanced mobile x-ray device in confined spaces. 
  5. Prepares patients for radiologic procedures. Protects patient, self, and other staff from radiation hazards. Takes X-rays following established procedures for patient care and safety, which involves setting up and operating radiographic equipment used in the medical diagnosis and/or treatment of patients and includes implementing infection control procedures for the work area. Selects proper ionizing factors for radiological diagnosis. Adjusts/sets radiographic controls. Positions patients and takes X-rays of specific parts of the patient’s body as requested by physicians. Processes film. Checks X-rays for clarity of image, retaking when needed. Distributes X-rays to appropriate medical staff.
  6. Maintains required records including patient records, daily log books, and monthly reports. Performs quantity and quality control checks to assure X-ray unit meets standards required by laws, rules, and departmental policies. Complies with safety standards. Continuously help with the practice development and modifications of policy and procedures involving radiology.
  7. Cleans, maintains, and makes minor adjustments to radiographic equipment, including determining equipment repairs.
  8. Maintains radiographic supplies, film, and orders as necessary
  9. Perform other related duties as directed or required.

EDUCATION: Graduate of accredited radiology program and appropriate licensure/certification


REQUIREMENTS: Licensed Medical Radiology Technician (MRT) in the state of Texas. 

KNOWLEDGE:  The jobholder must demonstrate current competencies applicable to the job position.

  1. Knowledge of basic patient care principles and protocols. 
  2. Knowledge of policies and procedures related to infection control, environmental safety and patient confidentiality.
  3. Knowledge of medical chart reporting/records.
  4. Knowledge of management and organizational theory to supervise the business practices including principles of employee development to train, delegate and mentor staff. 
  5. Knowledge of X-ray procedures and protocols.
  6. Knowledge of anatomy and physiology necessary to perform X-ray testing including body mechanics and patient movement.
  7. Knowledge of radiology equipment including safety hazards common to radiology.


  1. Skill in appropriate assessment and assistance techniques. 
  2. Skill in appropriate use of universal precautions, safe workplace and confidentiality   methods. 
  3. Skill in health information management by appropriately charting patient data. 
  4. Skill in positioning patients properly.
  5. Skills in identifying equipment problems and correcting or notifying supervisors.
  6. Skill in following infection control and radiological safety procedures.


  1. Ability to work effectively as a team member with physicians and other staff.
  2. Ability to react calmly and effectively in emergency situations.
  3. Ability to appropriately interact with patients, families, staff and others.
  4. Ability to flexibly respond to changing demands.
  5. Ability to plan, organize, prioritize and direct the work of others.
  6. Ability to communicate clearly.
  7. Ability to lift and position patients for the type of X-ray procedure required.
  8. Ability to notice detail in drawings and differences in shapes and shadings.
  9. Ability to apply written instructions and standardized work practices.

PHYSICAL/MENTAL DEMANDS: Varied activities including standing, walking, reaching, bending and lifting.  Requires full range of body motion including handling and lifting patients, manual and finger dexterity and eye-hand coordination.  Must be able to use a variety of office equipment.  Occasionally lifting and carrying files up to 50 pounds.   May require working under stressful conditions.

ENVIRONMENTAL/WORKING CONDITIONS:  Normal office and exam room environment.  Frequent exposure to communicable diseases, radiation, toxic substances, medicinal preparations and other conditions common to a clinic environment. 


$20 - $22 per hour