APEX Global Academy Online High School Teacher for Summer Prep Courses Remote · Part time

English, Math, History, Science & Public Speaking High School Teachers Needed for Online Summer Prep Courses


APEX Global Academy Online 

High School Prep Summer School Program

English, Math, History, Science & Public Speaking – Teachers Needed!

About the opportunity

This Summer of 2024, APEX Global Academy is offering online high school prep courses to international students who will eventually be studying at U.S. high schools in September. Teachers are needed to facilitate these online classes in July in the areas of (9th & 10th Grade-level) English, Mathematics, History, Science, & Public Speaking. 

The APEX Global Academy summer program will consist of: 

·       Two-week long sessions

·       5 days per week (Monday-Friday)

·       1.5 hours of instruction per class (7:30AM-9AM, 9:30AM-11AM or 8:00PM- 9:30PM)

·       Group sessions of 3-8 students

·       Sessions held in July 

·       Conducted 100% virtually/on-line


Your role as an experienced Math, English, History, Science, or Public Speaking teacher is to create and facilitate engaging 9th & 10thgrade-level curriculum and content designed to prepare future high school students for academic success in a U.S high school classroom. 

Why this opportunity is amazing

APEX Global Academy offers international students the opportunity to take online and in-person high school and university level classes, in addition to what's offered by their currently enrolled institution. Through strategic partnerships with top American high schools and universities, students are offered both non-credit and for-credit courses by quality educators that are hand selected by APEX Global Academy.

Here’s where you come in!

As a Math, English, History, Science, or Public Speaking teacher, you will implement grade-level curricula to meet academic standards, while imparting your high-level of expertise and knowledge to each student to increase their academic readiness for high school. This position requires the ability to recognize the unique qualities and learning styles of each student and incorporate their needs into the lesson plans, activities and projects. 

The ideal candidate will:  

  • Facilitate engaging and interactive online/virtual classes which meet the student's needs for academic growth and provides a glimpse into the structure and protocols of the American classroom
  • Evaluate student-specific educational needs in the subject area and develop/customize teaching plans to meet those needs - building on academic strengths and closing educational gaps/addressing areas in need of improvement
  • Produce educational assessments (both formal and informal) in the subject area being taught and give feedback in a timely manner.
  • Develop strong professional connections with all students
  • Communicate clearly and effectively with students and the APEX Global Academy team
  • Be approachable, optimistic, understanding, flexible and responsive.
  • Possess a strong work-ethic, with a sense of humor, and enjoys working with children
  • Model professionalism and life-long learning
  • Familiar with a variety of academic platforms (Canvas, Zoom, Veracross, Pivot, etc)


  • Bachelor's Degree required; Master’s Degree in the subject matter being taught preferred
  • More than 3 years of teaching experience in high school is preferred
  • Teaching certification in Mathematics, English, History, or Science is preferred; prior experience teaching 9th & 10th (or higher) grade-level curricula is preferred
  • Familiar or expertise in online teaching
  • Familiarity with Standards Base/Process Based Grading
  • Familiarity with relevant online teaching technologies and applications
  • Commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion; understanding of diverse cultures; prior work experience with international students a plus


  • Online classes conducted in July – August 9th; one session consists of 2 weeks
  • Monday-Friday: 7:30-9am, 9:30-11am, or 8-9:30pm; each class lasts 1.5 hours; each session lasts 2 weeks; 15 hours total


  • $50/hour plus 5 hours of bonus pay
  • A bonus of $250 at the end based on student performance and feedback
  • Employment type: Short-Term/Contract/1099

Application Process

Interested educators should send a cover letter and resume to Sue Maisano, Short Term Program Coordinator at APEX Global Academy. Sue’s contact information is [email protected]


$50 - $50 per hour