Affordable Psychological Services Professional Corp Somatic Experiencing Practitioners (SEP)OR Sensorimotor Practitioners (SP) Pacific Palisades, CA · Full time

Somatic Experiencing Practitioners (SEP)OR Sensorimotor Practitioners (SP)



Working with either Somatic Experiencing/Sensorimotor modality with adolescent and adult clients with complex trauma, dissociative disorders, and attachment wounding in an intensive outpatient setting. All sessions are one on one; individual. Work collaboratively on client treatment with a multidisciplinary team. Expand approach to treating complex trauma by participating in Reconnects extensive RITTM Trainings, DID Training, and Janina Fischer’s part work!

Role and Responsibilities

  • Clinical focus on resourcing and resolving trauma symptoms at a steady pace.
  • Integration of RITTM grounding and resourcing tools for emotional regulation.
  • Provide psychoeducation about trauma, the nervous system, window of tolerance.
  • Required participation in multidisciplinary treatment team meetings Tuesdays from 1pm to 3pm PST (Currently over zoom).
  • Completes necessary clinical documentation on EMR system (KIPU) such as session progress notes and collateral notes within 24 hours of session.
  • Perform continuous assessment of client’s mental status for possible risk behaviors. 

Qualifications and Education Requirements


  • Somatic: Must be trained in the somatic experiencing model created by Peter Levine; Levels I, II or III may apply.
  • Sensorimotor: Must be trained in the sensorimotor model created by Pat Ogden.
  • Minimum of two (2) years of experience working in mental health field; preferred experience with complex trauma. 
  • Master’s degree in related field such as psychology, sociology, kinesiology preferred for Somatic; assumed for Sensorimotor.


  • Two years of professional experience in direct patient care in the mental health field which includes one year of experience working in a client admissions position.

Additional Requirements:

  • Excellent Internet/Computer skills
  • Excellent phone/in person conversation skills while maintaining all levels of confidentiality.
  • Managing details and providing flawless execution; naturally tech savvy.
  • Excel at prioritizing workflow, possess an intuitive approach, and anticipate needs.
  • Work independently by being self-directed and motivated; possess a high level of resourcefulness.
  • Positive/Respectful attitude towards clients and co-workers
  • Solution based approach/Team player 
  • Strong writing communication skills


$80 - $80 per hour