AAAPB LLC Group Home Staff Lake Worth, FL · Part time

Staff will be required to assist and help take care of the clients in the group home.


Staff is in charge of daily duties, medical administration (if certified), meal planning and any/ all responsibilities that residents may need. They report to the Agency for Persons with Disabilities, Florida Agency for Health Care Administration and any other Federal, State, County official.

A Staff person is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day facilities, ensuring that facilities operate according to all federal, state and local health regulations, and providing a safe and therapeutic or positive environment for individuals. 

Staff may monitor the progress of residents from the time of admission throughout their time at the facility, deal with these situations and handle crises if they arise. Provide leadership skills that are strong enough to assist with moving or restraining individuals as needed.

Responsible for taking care of the residents and meeting their day to day needs. 


$15 - $15 per hour