A. Ferraris Law, PLLC Paralegal Tucson, AZ · Full time

THIS POSITION’S ROLE WITH OUR TEAM: PARALEGAL We are looking for a person who will enable our team to have a more considerable positive impact by helping the team to grow in a supportive environment to work together more efficiently and effectively for our clients.


A. Ferraris Law, PLLC – Paralegal



A. Ferraris Law is dedicated to helping consumers and business owners harmed by a public or private entity, such as an auto manufacturer/dealer, insurance company, bank, local or state, and federal government entity. We are committed to providing clients with the clarity they require to understand how they may recover what is owed to them and how they may hold accountable those who are responsible for the harm caused.


In its simplest form, our mission is to provide valuable help to clients we believe we can obtain a positive result. We are working on having a more significant impact with the type of lawsuits we pursue.


A successful candidate must have the following skills and demonstrate prior success with them:

  •  Highly Organized and the ability to pay very close attention to detail
  • Excellent typing & writing skills, and ability to draft substantive correspondence and court filings with guidance from an attorney and firm library of research and templates.
  • Proven organization skills in a remote litigation environment
  • Ability to create and follow checklists for efficient and predictable completion of administrative and legal production tasks associated with your role
  • Attention to writing details in the work product means that you have vetted your research, checking spelling and grammar.
  • Proven technical skills using case management software, Office 365, One Note, Outlook, Microsoft Word, Excel, and the ability to train and learn other online platforms such as Zoom, MyCase, and Calendly for remote work.
  • High ethical and professional standards in your research and writing judgment and the ability to function efficiently and organize yourself to meet deadlines.
  • Proven experience in navigating the challenges with remote work and communication, proven technical skills to learn, use and troubleshoot hardware and software challenges.
  • A valid current State driver's license and satisfactory driving record.
  • Professional appearance, approach, demeanor, and good customer service skills.
  • Be able to assign times and dates for all new cases, update the docket with new dates and continuances, and communicate with the judge and/or attorney on scheduling-related issues.
  • Track important legal and filing deadlines for designated clients and cases


AFL Core Values that the candidate will have and use:

•          Is open to other ideas and is an empathetic listener

•          Values the importance of what being a suitable team member means and is willing to see where help may be needed

•          Has a sense of humor in equal measure to their sense of compassion

•          Is curious about the “what if” or the “why not” 

•          Is candid and willing to acknowledge mistakes to help themselves and team members 

•          Is competitive with healthy energy and attitude



  • The Paralegal will work closely with team members on firm-wide strategies, such as procedures, systems development/improvement, and team administration and management.
  • This position will oversee the firm's personnel, facilities, technology, and security phases. It will be responsible for planning, organizing, directing, and controlling the firm's day-to-day operations.
  • In short, our Paralegal is responsible for managing each system (operations, marketing, team member accountability, and needs) the firm relies upon to operate successfully in support of the firm's vision.
  • The Paralegal will provide the necessary support for team cohesion, ensure each member understands and follows the procedures and policies that make up each system and ensure that each member has the tools and training to succeed and provide fantastic value to the firm's clients.
  • For those applying who reside outside the Tucson area, the position will require one month of relocation to our Tucson office to work directly with the Managing Attorney and quarterly travel to Tucson.


  • Salary is dependent upon demonstrated skills and experience with role requirements.
  • The compensation package includes an incentive program commensurate with performance. Metrics and key productivity indicators are defined for team member success and incentives based on the firm's vision and growth. Incentives are tied with defined KPIs (as with all team members) related to law firm growth, profitability, and culture. KPIs will be tied explicitly to grow to meet the firm's vision of helping more clients and creating opportunities for committed and successful team members.

As AFL succeeds, so does each team member and their family. Our impact-driven vision is to help more clients recover from economic harm. We want to ensure suitable candidates are applying for this position, so please only consider applying if you are committed to working for a firm that is committed to a vision of helping more consumers, a firm that is on a trajectory for growth.

We welcome your application if you have team spirit, commitment to the firm's vision, and realistic expectations about working in a fast-paced, growing law firm. We will wait for someone ready to make this the best job they have ever had.


  • This will be a multi-phase top-grading interview process, allowing us to get to know each other and make sure we are a good match.
  • Applying now is the first step.
  • If you don't follow the application instructions, your journey stops here.
  • Upload a pdf with your resume and a cover letter that addresses the following:

You must follow the instructions and submit a one-page cover letter explaining why you are applying and what, in your personal and professional history, makes you an excellent fit to excel in this role with our team. Upon a conditional offer of employment, background checks will be performed with the candidate’s consent.


Email your resume and cover letter in PDF format to: [email protected].

We appreciate your interest. We look forward to learning more about you and your interest in joining our team!


$25 - $40 per hour