3mint Go-to-Market Intern Remote · Full time

GTM Intern position


3mint is looking for an intern with experience in marketing, business development, or consulting, and a passion for Web3. The role will involve further developing 3mint’s Go-to-Market (GTM) strategy, producing market analyses, and getting directly involved in business development activities. The internship is paid and the time period is flexible (minimum 2 months, 20 hrs/week, but full-time also accepted).

Note: this internship will require you to roll up your sleeves and do some grunt work, in addition to more genuinely interesting work. What you’ll get is a hands-on learning experience from a team that has been in Web3 since 2017, is VC-funded, and has a deep network in the space. If you want to work in crypto / Web3—there is no better place to kickstart that journey.


3mint is building Web3 tools for consumer brands, enabling DTC brands in particular to mint, distribute, and use NFTs to better engage their customers. We are currently building a set of APIs and SDKs that can be used by brands or their agencies to build Web3-enabled products and experiences, including a token-gating API, an airdropping SDK, and a wallet SDK. Our vision is to build the Web3 foundations of ecommerce. 

Role Responsibilities

  • GTM strategy: conduct persona analysis and produce GTM playbook based on identified personas. Includes primary and secondary research, interviews, etc.
  • Direct outreach: create a customer outreach list based on GTM playbook, conduct direct outreach via email and LinkedIn. 
  • Market research and analysis: create market landscape and competitor analysis. Compile categorized archive of existing case studies.
  • Content production: research Web3 and NFT space and create content for publication on blog and social channels


  • Experience in marketing, business development, partnerships, or consulting. 
  • At minimum an understanding of, and a passion for, NFTs and Web3. Ideally, someone who has deep familiarity with Web3 and / or has worked in the industry.
  • Preferred: existing relationships with consumer brands in the F&B, fashion, luxury, and beauty space.
  • Preferred: Capacity to conduct data analysis, familiarity with SQL


$1,000 - $2,500 per month