23fifteen Living Options Direct Support Professional (DSP 1 & 2) Altadena, CA · Duarte, CA · Azusa, CA · Covina, CA · Ventura, CA · Full time

Direct Support Professional (DSP 1 & 2)




1) Must have a high school diploma or equivalent.

2) Must have DSP Year 1 upon hire (willing to acquire immediately upon hire) and DSP Year II within 3 months of hire.

3) Must maintain current certification of CPR (including training in abdominal thrust technique) and First Aid certified through approved class attendance and hands-on instruction.

4) Must have verified health screening including TB test within one year or prior to working with the facility to ensure good health conditions to implement job duties.

5) Able and willing to obtain fingerprint clearance from D.O.J./F.B.I. before working with the


6) Have a valid Driver’s License and be able and willing to transport residents, as needed, and maintain and have current insurance.

7) Implement all policies and procedures in the facility.

8) Able and willing to attend all training courses required by the facility, San Gabriel Pomona Regional Center, and Community Care Licensing in relation to providing care and services to persons with developmental disabilities in an Adult Residential Facility.

9) Must have NCI (Crisis Prevention) before working in the facility or within 60 days of hire.

10) Ensure the program meets all applicable Title 17 and Title 22 regulations, including laws and regulations about Adult Residential Programs, Vendorization, Quality Assurance, and other areas pertinent to the facility's operation.

11) Understanding of the Regional Center system and the role of the Regional Center.

Specialized Experience

1) Optional: Registered Behavior Technician or will become a Registered Behavior Technician within 18 months of hire.


1) Able and willing to work all shifts/days.

2) Experience in implementing clients' Individual Program Plans (IPP).

3) Must have experience in implementing the Individual Program Plans (IPP) of residents.

4) Ensure the health and safety of the residents who reside in the home.

5) Ensure implementation of the Behavior Treatment Plan, documentation of progress, and staff training.

6) Able to assess and request needed materials and supplies needed for the facility or residents.

7) Able to provide transportation to outings, personal shopping, medical-related appointments and activities.

8) Able to implement Universal Precautions, Handwashing Techniques, and Infection Control.

9) Able to conduct spot checks and quality assurance reviews to the facility, if requested.


1) Must have one (1) year prior experience providing direct supervision and exceptional services to persons with developmental disabilities in a service level 4-G or higher, specifically in implementing the IPP objectives.

2) Must be 18 years of age.

3) Must be familiar with working with clients with intellectual disabilities.

4) Able and willing to lift, bend, walk, move about, turn and stand for lengthy periods.

5) Be able to cook, clean, and assist residents with daily living skills.

6) Computer literate with working knowledge of applications and computer use.

7) Must have good character


1) Must be able to read, write and speak English for communication with staff, clients, families,

agencies, etc.

2) Must be able to communicate with clients utilizing verbally in their native language, sign

language/home signs or other communication systems specific to the client.

3) Willing to be trained on assistive technology and communication devices.


$19 - $22 per hour