WorkHelix, Inc.

Most companies fly blind when it comes to managing human capital, their most critical asset. At Workhelix, our team brings 30+ years of top-tier university research at the forefront of quantitative methods for workforce decision-making. Our product, the Workhelix platform, democratizes these science-driven approaches, helping businesses maintain a workforce that adapts to constantly changing demands. Our inaugural product provides an outside-in scientific assessment on how a company’s workforce could benefit from GenAI, and what they need to do to take advantage. Renowned AI and Economics thinkers including Andrew Ng, and cofounders Andy McAfee, and Erik Brynjolfsson, stand proudly behind our mission. Workhelix maintains a culture established on four key principles: reliance on scientific evidence and debates rather than personal judgment and experience; embracing autonomy with alignment to prevent bureaucracy; encouraging speed, iteration, and rapid feedback over exhaustive planning; and fostering openness with openness to criticism to cultivate an environment that is egalitarian and ensures psychological safety.

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