Wide Horizons, Inc.

Wide Horizons, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization committed to helping neurodiverse young adults live full and more independent lives through finding vocation and purpose. WHI provides opportunities for employment and greater independence through community service activities, personal network development, and lifelong planning and education models, tailored to their person-centered plans and personal capabilities. OUR PHILOSOPHY Through Awareness, Acceptance, Support, Inclusion, Vocation and our cooperation with organizations, businesses, and local citizens our Participants are afforded invaluable hands-on learning opportunities. Teamwork, hard-work, and giving back are fundamental experiences that are otherwise difficult for our Participants to experience. These are key success factors in our program which help prepare them to compete and earn their place in society. Our goal is for each Participant to reach his or her greatest potential and become a contributing member of the community.

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